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Quiz: Which Video Game Console Best Fits Your Personality - go!

Quiz: Which Video Game Console Best Fits Your Personality

Here’s a quick quiz to make buying a gaming console easier for you

Pay day is coming up, and there are countless things you can possibly splurge on. Or maybe you’ve been having second thoughts if it’s time to finally treat yourself. We’re here to tell you that you deserve to purchase that video game console you’ve been eyeing for months—that is, if you need any more convincing.

You can do your research and read one comprehensive list after the other pitting one console after the other—highlighting features, prices and games available—but to make life easier, we made a helpful quiz to see which one suits your personality best. For our contenders, we have the Microsoft Xbox One X, Nintendo Switch and Sony PlayStation 4 Pro…now let’s play!

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Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

Vibe check! How does this make you feel?

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