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5 Dining Hotspots to Hit Up with Friends and Family––For Less

Make the most of your nights out with the Booky Group Plan

There's nothing that bonds people together quite like a good meal. Whether it's a hearty home-cooked breakfast, a lunch date or an upscale dinner over drinks, food has the unique capacity to unite individuals—to enjoy, to indulge, to celebrate. Spotlighting the importance of food and community, Booky is launching the Booky Group Plan. Adding onto the offline convenience of the Booky app by allowing up to five people to share a subscription, the Booky Group Plan makes bonding in the metro's best dining hotspots even more affordable, more enjoyable.

Keep scrolling to discover some of the best restaurants in the city to wine and dine for less with family and friends!

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Soru Izakaya

If it's good food and ambience you're looking for, this place has both down pat. Soru Izakaya puts a modern spin on traditional Japanese dishes, and levels up their game with unique mayo art.


Easily a cult favorite when it comes to modern Pinoy food, Locavore has made a name for itself with its delectable dishes. Among the must-tries: the Lechon & Oyster Sisig and the Sizzling Sinigang—both good for sharing, of course!


While the cronut craze might have died down, the local love for Wildflour has stayed fervent through the years. With a diverse menu and an impressive array of drinks, this place is a go-to for every occasion: morning coffee, brunch or a barkada night out.


There's more to Barcino than their wines and sangria (although those are definitely well worth trying, too). From savory tapas to pasta and paella, there's plenty of crowd-pleasers n this resto bar's menu.

The Wholesome Table

Fitness is no longer just an internet buzzword. For many, it's a full-on lifestyle. A perfect place for those looking for a healthy but filling meal, The Wholesome Table combines the best of both worlds with their nutritious, oh-so-delicious dishes.

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Getting hungry? Before hitting up these restaurants, subscribe to the Booky Group Plan via Globe Postpaid! Just text BOOKY199 to 8080 and add up to 4 other members to your plan. Click through to discover more.

Not a Globe Postpaid subscriber? Sign up for a Postpaid plan today!

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