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BukidFresh Delivers Straight To Your Door - go!
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Get Fit, Be Healthy, Stay Home: BukidFresh Delivers Straight To Your Door

It’s farm fresh food delivered straight to your door

In a state of heightened unrest, it’s easy to let ourselves go. With endless trips to the refrigerator to ease one’s restlessness in quarantine, health and fitness may be the last thing on our minds. After all, there’s only so much one can do in the confines of home. Following a home workout on YouTube or an app is futile when we’re stuffing ourselves with junk to satiate our hunger—or let’s face it, boredom. A healthy lifestyle, in the form of a holistic approach, is needed during such uncertain times.

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If you’d like to start and tread on towards healthier food choices without, of course, compromising taste, BukidFresh is for you! It’s farm fresh food delivered straight to your door. The online farmers’ market provides a wide variety of top-quality fresh and healthy food at fair prices. Access to nutritious produce has never been easier. 

The initiative was born out of its founders’ vision of “an improved agriculture sector that’s inclusive for the majority of smallholder farmers in our country.” This is more important now more than ever given the thousands of Filipinos whose means of livelihood have been afflicted by the global pandemic in our midst. BukidFresh gives a network of farmers a trustworthy platform to market their produce directly to consumers who are mostly urban dwellers. A simple delivery means helping out a deserving family in need.

Despite the prolonged enhanced community quarantine, BukidFresh is still operating. Skip the queue and get farm fresh produce delivered to your doorstep weekly. Scour through a variety of categories—from fruits and leafy greens to herbs and spices—while experimenting with your flourishing catalog of home cooked meals (because we’re all DIY-ing everything nowadays, yes?).

To place an order, go here. Pay via GCash, bank deposit or through cash on delivery. All Globe Postpaid customers are also eligible for a 5% discount on BukidFresh. Just download the Globe Rewards app available on iOS and Android to redeem.

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Words Elisa Aquino

Art Alex Lara

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