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Eastern Samar and Tacloban Rise Up and Are More Beautiful Than Ever

Looking back, moving forward and admiring the beauty of these places


In 2013, the Philippines was hit by Typhoon Yolanda, the strongest storm in the country’s history. It devastated everything in its path; lives were lost and many were left homeless. It hit hardest in the Eastern Visayas, particularly Tacloban in Leyte and Eastern Samar. News of the aftermath broke our hearts and the world mourned with us. But even then, hope never escaped the Filipino. We are, after all, known for our resilience.


Nearly four years later, Tacloban had started to rebuild lives. Recovery efforts are finally showing progress. Temporary homes as well as permanent housing have been constructed and are now being occupied by hundreds of families. So for Scenezoned 2, the Globe Philippine Volcanoes’ Chris Everingham and Evan Spargo pay a visit to Kawayan Village in the heart of Tacloban to help with the cause and share their passion for rugby.




Beauty Beyond What The Eye Can See

When people talk about beautiful places, breathtaking landscapes immediately come to mind. In the case of Tacloban, beauty does not only come from its surroundings but the strength and unity of its people. Their sheer will to rebuild their lives have allowed them to create a community founded by collaboration and cooperation. With the Globe Philippine Volcanoes’ rugby clinic, the goal is to strengthen that as Tacloban city continues to rise up.



In the Unexpected, One Can Find Beauty

Chris and Evan also took a trip to Eastern Samar, where they discovered the awe-inspiring beauty of Yolanda Beach—a beach “made more beautiful by typhoon Yolanda,” says the town mayor, Melchor Mergal. From the stunning landscapes, impressive limestone rock formations, caves and rock pool, the Volcanoes were in pure amazement of Yolanda Beach’s natural beauty. And just as they did in Tacloban, the boys held a rugby clinic, where they learned just as much from its townspeople. Here, they learned that through unity, one can build something great.




The road to recovery for Tacloban and Eastern Samar may be far from over, but there is hope. Through the resilience of its people, their sense of community and commitment to bounce back, Tacloban and Eastern Samar can truly rise up stronger and more beautiful than ever. 



Photos Jan Pineda

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