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The 6 Essential Travel and Booking Apps

Look no further for the top must-have travel apps

Fact: 85% of tourists today use travel apps when planning their vacations.

It no longer comes as a surprise that holidaymakers—solo travelers, barkadas on group outings, colleagues on work trips alike—turn to their trusty smartphones even for this stuff, too, and make use of apps for accommodations, itineraries, travel promos and other trip essentials.

It’s a great way to go paperless, centralize all important information and manage all your activities in one sitting. And while new and flashy apps may pop up time and again on the App Store and Play Store, experience has taught us that the six apps below are some of the best yet:


Available on iOS and Android

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So, you want to fly out and get vacationing. The question is: when is the best time to do it? Use Hopper’s fare prediction feature to check out the average ticket prices to your target destinations and plan from there. The app boasts a 95% accuracy rate for trips up to a year in advance, so it’s great for those who love to plan their travels ahead. You also get the added option of setting notifications for when airfare prices drop. Score even cheaper seats through airline deals.

Bonus: Hopper also lets you book hotels directly on the app!


Available on iOS and Android

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This one is for the adventure-seekers: There’s no exiting the Klook app empty-handed. This travel experiences app offers tons of discounted admission fees and prices on activities, food trips and travel essentials (this includes: train tickets or access to a Wi-Fi router). What’s even more impressive is that you can earn credits for each successful review you give on your purchase. These credits can be converted to cash and eventually serve as discount coupons for your next checkout!

Google Translate

Available on iOS and Android

Traveling to foreign places may become overwhelming if you don’t speak or read the native language. Good thing Google Translate exists.

What sets Google’s very own language translator apart from other apps of the same nature is that it has the ability to translate in real-time: Just point your camera to an unknown word. Languages can also be saved offline, so you can translate on the go!

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Available on iOS and Android

Planning a solo trip soon? Perhaps you and a travel buddy don’t mind bunking with new friends and save on your accommodations? Couch Surfing might be for you. This visitor hosting app operates like Airbnb where travelers can check out hosts whose homes they can stay in for their visit. This time, however, you get to interact and live with your chosen host, hang out and form bonds that this company hopes could last a lifetime. Perfect for travelers who want to broaden their global network and befriend the locals.

XE Currency

Available on iOS and Android

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Before you get shopping in a different country with a different currency and get carried away with what your international travel destination has to offer, remember to check the currency conversion! On this front, XE Currency is the app to keep in handy. It’s an excellent way to keep your budget in check and justify purchases (as prices may be inflated or lower in other countries) with ease. It also provides a benchmark of what the exchange rates are so you don’t get duped!

Ready for your next getaway? These apps are your best bet for the hassle-free experience of organizing your trip anytime, anywhere.

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