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Globe Platinum Presents The T&C Fabulous Dine Around Experience

A look inside one of the year’s biggest dining pleasures

If there’s one word that brings a smile to most of our faces, it is this: food. 

Food has the power to evoke memories and feelings, create relationships and build foundations. It brings us closer to different cultures, gives us an understanding of different people and generally widens our knowledge of the world. With this in mind, it’s really no wonder why Town & Country has presented, for the second year, a Fabulous Dine Around Experience. 

With Globe Platinum, over 200 diners were given the wonderful opportunity to taste different parts of the world. Over 50 restaurants were tasted, each with its own take on flavors, ambiance and the general eating experience. After diners got their fill, there was an after party at Shangri-La Hotel where participants had the opportunity to exchange notes, have fun and get a night cap. 

We were given the pleasure of participating, getting a coveted seat at Mantra Bistro in Makati’s Legaspi Village. To say the least, it was a fabulous dine experience indeed. 

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The location

Settled in the less bustling area of Makati, Mantra Bistro is a quaint little area that’s calm yet alive at the same time. Even on a Wednesday, the seats were full and the diners were happy. Only two tables were reserved for the T&C Fabulous Dine Around Experience for this restaurant, so we knew from the get-go that the food would be worth it. 

Dimly lit with comfortable seating, Mantra Bistro is perfect for a quiet and intimate night with friends or family. 

The food

Naturally, the food made the biggest part of the evening. Because Mantra Bistro serves Indian cuisine, we were prepared for the spices to take us over and the sheer amount of the serving to fill us up. We ordered half servings of everything—because we wanted the whole experience—and everything was worth the extra bite. 

Plates of Chicken Tikka, Tandoori Prawns, Green Pea Tikki and Paneer Tikka were served as appetizers. Trust us when we say that was enough to fill the table. But because every dish fulfilled its mouthwatering promise, space was made to keep dining. 

For the main course, there were bowls of Butter Chicken, Palak Paneer, Dal Tadka and assorted breads—enough to fill our mouths and even bring some home. The servings were massive and every bite was filled with flavor. 

The service 

Sometimes, service has the power to make or break a night out. Fortunately, the staff at Mantra Bistro were accommodating every step of the way. Service with a smile, served with knowledge on the dishes and inputs to boot. 

All in all

The T&C Fabulous Dine Around Experience was true to its name. From start to finish, the night was laid out without a hitch. It was more than the standard night out, more than a casual dinner with friends in the middle of the week. 

The experience meant to bring one to a different side of the world, to provide an avenue to understand something different through food—and it delivered. 

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Experience one-of-a-kind with Globe Platinum

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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