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Family-friendly Travel Destinations & What You Need To See In Them


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When we were kids, it was easy to decide what to do on family vacations. It was all about the theme parks, the beaches or resorts and the zoos. But despite the repetition, everyone always had a grand time. Then we got older and found unique things that piqued our interest but didn’t tickle anyone else’s bones and planning a trip was just never as easy anymore. But then again, maybe we’ve just been looking at the wrong places.



Practically a world of its own, India will give everyone in your family a taste—literally and figuratively—of something new. Experience everything from the food, the weather and the fashion to their religion, art and architecture.  


What you should do: Visit the Taj Mahal, get up close and personal with Indian wildlife, take part of Holi (the festival of colors, which happens annually in March), spend the night in an old palace turned extravagant hotel (try Rambagh Palace and The Oberoi Grand), sail down their rivers and hike the Indian portion of the Himalayas.



United Arab Emirates

The UAE is known for its mix of modernity, tradition and extravagance. If you want to catch a glimpse of earthy wealth, there is no better place to go. It’s quite frankly beautiful—the type of place anyone would hold their breath in. 


What you should do: Go to Abu Dhabi and take in the Islamic culture and architecture at the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque and take in the Formula 1 racing tack from the Viceroy Hotel. Visit Dubai and ride an elevator to the top of Burj Khalifa and get lost in the spice and gold markets. Most importantly, dress modestly. 




The land Down Under is loud, active and incredibly fun to visit. There is no language barrier to overcome and the people are incredibly friendly. 


What you should do: Take surfing lessons or just lay on your back at the beach, visit Kangaroo Island in Adelaide, take a trip to the Australian Outback or the country’s lush tropical forests, learn about their wildlife and drink some local wine.



United States of America

For whatever reason, the United States is something most Filipinos dream of visiting. To us, it’s still the land of promise and potential. So why not get to it? 


What you should do: Lose yourself in New York, find yourself in Washington. Visit the happiest place on earth in Florida, see the stars in California. Put your money where your mouth is in Las Vegas and then slow it down in New Jersey.



South Korea

If South Korea hasn’t been a priority on your bucket list, it’s time to bump it up. It offers everything from history to culture and food to religion—perfect for those family trips. 


What you should do: Catch a traditional dance and music performance, try on the hanbok, dive into their history by visiting the Gyeongbokgung Palace and awe at the cherry blossoms. Choose one (or two) of their annual festivals like Buddha’s Birthday, which is celebrated with a lantern parade in May or Chuseok a.k.a Thanskgiving. And don’t forget about the food. Kimchi, anyone?



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