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Filipino Food Content Creators to Follow - go!
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Filipino Food Content Creators to Follow on Social Media

Learn all about their passion for food and their purpose

Filipinos are known for their love of food—fact. Our social culture is centered on food because it brings people together, builds closer relationships, and bridges differences all thanks to the shared experience of eating. Whether there’s a special occasion to celebrate or a much-needed treat after a long day at work, good food always warms the heart. And the way to the heart of a Filipino? Through his stomach. 

In which ways can a Filipino foodie discover their next favorite meal, restaurant, or food hack? Consider looking through the recommendations of these Filipino food content creators. Without a doubt, they’re responsible for keeping our social media feeds chock-full of crave-worthy discoveries.

Food Trip Ba Kamo?

A former corporate manager turned foodie, Pancho Nesh began to chronicle his food adventures in 2020. Filipinos can definitely relate to his content, especially with recipes made from leftovers, ensuring that no food is wasted. 

Pancho actively promotes CLAYGO (clean as you go), a concept that has been around for decades yet is very timely with the global pandemic. This practice prevents dirt and bacteria from spreading, minimizing health risks, especially for those who work in the food service industry. Pancho’s creative food styling, honest reviews, and advocacies leave a positive impression on his viewers, inspiring them to become more mindful.

Follow Food Trip Ba Kamo? on Facebook and TikTok, and subscribe to the official YouTube channel.


JP Mercado, a foodie based in Vancouver, Canada, started creating food content to support local small businesses that were struggling during the pandemic. His content, after successfully helping attract customers for these restaurants amid lockdowns, has taken off since.

Today, JP primarily features restaurants with Japanese dishes but also talks about food that connects him with his Filipino roots. (To boot: his beautiful photography and humorous food trip videos garnered him over 20 million views on Instagram reels.)

JP believes that the best way to experience a new culture is through cuisine, so he encourages people to step outside their comfort zones and take their tastebuds on a gastronomic adventure whenever they can.

Seefoodstagram is also on TikTok and YouTube.

Aspiring Food Writer

Kat Eusebio’s journey as a foodie began when she was a university student, writing restaurant reviews for the online magazine Stache. Since then, Kat set out to try a variety of cuisines, dining in different local places and exploring unique restaurants during her travels abroad.

In January 2022, she started documenting her food adventures on TikTok, focusing on upscale, trending restaurants and cafes. Kat believes in being authentic with sharing good food recommendations; part of the journey for her is not only savoring the dishes but capturing the ambiance in her content, translating that wonderful experience into words. Through her food posts, Kat hopes to share the message of being in the moment while enjoying the culinary experience.

You can follow Kat Eusebio on TikTok, too.


Like other Filipinos who stayed at home during the lockdowns, Kelby Uy resorted to ordering food online for convenience. Wanting to explore other food options, he joined different online groups and discovered a gold mine. 

Kelby realized that when it comes to Filipino ingenuity in cooking, the possibilities are limitless. To borrow from him, NakakaLokal di’ ba? Kelby began buying different food products from small enterprises, talking about them on his platform so that more people can support local goods. 

With his candid captions and colorful visuals, Kelby’s audience always winds up inspired to patronize brands that are proudly Filipino-made.

NakakaLokal is also on Facebook.

Kusina ni Marika

Those who want to shift to a plant-based lifestyle and seek healthier food choices ought to check out Kusina ni Marika. As a professional anesthesiologist and acupuncturist, Dr. Marika Biag believes that loving our bodies is non-negotiable—and taking care of our health begins with good nutrition. 

Marika aspires to help Filipinos develop healthy eating habits by sharing her delicious plant-based recipes, providing simple infographics on nutrition, and promoting the Pinggang Pinoy of the Department of Health (this is a visual aid for how our plates should look like with a balanced meal). With her background as a physician combined with her knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Marika is able to give her readers a holistic approach to nutrition and wellness. 

You can also find Kusina ni Marika on Facebook.

Lunch Boxer 

Launched in June 2022, Lunch Boxer was created by Fil Nacion to initially focus on lunchbox meal ideas before pivoting toward a greater purpose: supporting small local businesses. 

As his follower count continued to grow, Fil decided to pay it forward by conducting quarterly food-giving drives for the benefit of delivery riders and street vendors. Recently, Fil explored his entrepreneurial side by opening his own café called Gising Coffee in Antipolo.

Continuing his advocacy of supporting local, Fil sources coffee beans from Baguio City, crafting brews with witty names such as Matapang (Strong), Matamis (Sweet), and Sakto Lang (Just Right), directly describing his coffee’s flavor profiles. With Lunch Boxer, foodies scrolling through social media are sure to find local food products that they will like.  

You can also find Lunch Boxer on Facebook and TikTok.

Eating good food becomes more enjoyable when the heart feels good, too. Support local food content creators and their advocacies. Hit follow!

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