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Get Your Essentials At The Globe Online Travel Fair

Accommodations, tickets, tours and everything in between

We all love traveling—so much so that it’s become a quiet essential in our annual calendars. We love the food, the opportunity to meet new people and the experience as a whole pushes us into an entirely new culture. But if there’s one thing that we wish we could just skip, it’s probably the planning stage.

There are too many things to check, too many things to consider and too many things that make noticeable dents on our bank accounts. Where do you stay? What do you do? What do you see? It gets a little overwhelming.

Well, the Globe Online Travel Fair is about to make things a little more enjoyable and a lot more affordable. Book from one or all our travel partners to enjoy special discounts; just redeem the code upon checkout.


Book your accommodations with Agoda. As one of the world’s fastest-growing online travel booking platforms, you know your accommodations are in good hands when you book with Agoda. Get access to over 2 million accommodation properties, including apartments, villas, homes and hotels, to suit your specific needs and preferences. The best part? Everything is backed up by over 15 million real travel reviews. Download the Agoda app on the App Store or the Play Store.


See it all and do it all with Klook. As Asia’s largest in-destination services booking platform, Klook gives travelers a simple but trusted method of booking and enjoying over 35,000 popular attractions. Get the best of local experiences and international services. Download the Klook app on the App Store or the Play Store.


Take it easy with Traveloka. Make Traveloka your go-to app for all things involving your airfare and your bookings. It’s time to create new beginnings the hassle-free way! Download the Traveloka app on the App Store or the Play Store.


Embrace economical comfort with ZEN Rooms. With ZEN Rooms, quality and affordability go hand-in-hand. So if you’re looking for an adventure in Southeast Asia, easily get access to ZEN Rooms’ 6,000 accommodations spread around 50 cities and 7 countries. Starting for as low as Php500, be assured of free WiFi, air-conditioning, hot showers and around-the-clock costumer service. Download the ZEN Rooms app on the App Store and the Play Store.


Start your adventure with Tripkada. Need a platform to join or share adventures, trips and experiences around the Philippines? Tripkada makes it easy by giving you access to various travel destinations, thereby giving you the chance to meet new friends as well. 

Don’t let all these promos (and the money you’re going to save) overwhelm you. Explore everything that’s out there—both digital and actual—with the Globe Online Travel Fair. And when you’ve made your choice, make checking out easy and efficient with GCash.


Get exclusive promos with GCash! Visit to learn more

Don't have the GCash App? Download it today from the App Store or Play Store.

Happy travels!

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