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GoRoam: Data Allocation, Validity, and More
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Explore the World with GoRoam: Data Allocation, Validity, and More

Traveling is a great way to unwind, relax, and experience new cultures. With lockdowns no longer restricting tourism, Filipinos are traveling more. Destinations like Thailand, Hong Kong, and Taiwan are some of the popular spots with Filipino tourists.

If you plan to visit one of these destinations, Globe’s GoRoam plans are a must-have.

What’s GoRoam?

GoRoam is a country-exclusive promo available for both Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, and TM users. Instead of buying and switching to a local SIM at your destination, you can skip that hassle by conveniently availing this new promo that gives you all-access mobile data.

In a nutshell, GoRoam gives you all the convenience of your local SIM card while traveling abroad.

Roam Like a Local: GoRoam Plans

Here’s a breakdown of the prices, data allocation, and validity period of the various GoRoam offers.

PromoPriceData AllocationValidity
GoRoam Taiwan₱5502.4 GB30 days
GoRoam Thailand₱50015 GB8 days
GoRoam Hong Kong₱6003 GB5 days

GoRoam offers the most bang for your buck compared to local roaming options, giving you at least as much time and data for half the cost or less. You can skip the hassle of prepping your phone for a new SIM or bringing a second device. You don’t have to look for a local SIM card in an unfamiliar environment or contact your mobile provider for permission.

If you want a hassle-free vacation while staying connected, GoRoam is the ideal solution!

Frequently Asked Questions About GoRoam

If you have any questions, this FAQs section may help you choose to use GoRoam.

  • Who can use the GoRoam promo?

    Globe Platinum, Prepaid, or Postpaid users and TM customers can register to GoRoam.

  • How do I register or check the status of my account?

    You can text GOROAM [COUNTRY] to 8080 or call *143# to register. Alternatively, you can register via the GlobeOne app, which is downloadable in all app stores.

    For Postpaid users traveling to Thailand, Hong Kong, or Taiwan, simply log in to the GlobeOne app and navigate to Buy > Roaming > GOROAM [COUNTRY] to purchase your roaming package. Prepaid users traveling to Thailand or Taiwan can follow the same steps on the GlobeOne app to buy their roaming package. 

    Prepaid users heading to Hong Kong can also register through the GCash app by logging in and selecting Load > Globe > Roaming & Intl > GOROAM HONG KONG.

    You can also opt out of the promo early or check its status by texting GOROAM [COUNTRY] OFF or GOROAM [COUNTRY] STATUS to 8080, respectively.

  • How do I know if my GoRoam promo is active?

    Once you've successfully registered to GoRoam, you’ll receive a notification that it's already active once you've turned on your mobile data and data roaming while abroad.

    For Postpaid subscribers, you can pre-register to GoRoam a day before your trip. You will receive a notification confirming your registration. Once you arrive abroad, simply turn on your mobile data and data roaming to activate the offer. You will then receive another SMS notification informing you that the promo is already active.

    For Prepaid customers, you can register to the offer once you're already abroad.  To activate it, simply follow these steps:

    1. Go to Settings, turn on your mobile data, and then data roaming.
    2. Set your network connection to 3G.
    3. Restart your phone.
    4. Ensure your device's APN is set to
    5. Make sure you're connected to our roaming partner by turning on the automatic selection of network operators on your device.
    6. Once your promo is active, you may set your network connection to LTE or 5G for the best possible data roaming experience.There will also be pre-expiration notifications once you reach the end date or if you use up your data limit.

    There will also be pre-expiration notifications once you reach the end date or if you use up your data limit.

  • Can I use GoRoam if I go to two countries in succession?

    Because GoRoam promos are country-specific, you must activate a new plan in a different country. Postpaid customers can, however, queue GoRoam offers for the two countries you’ll be visiting.

  • Is there a daily limit on GoRoam data usage?

    While there's a data limit, depending on your selected GoRoam plan, there are no per-day caps. For example, you can use up to 15 GB of a GoRoam Thailand plan in a single day, even if the validity lasts eight days.

Explore the World with Globe

GoRoam is an affordable and convenient alternative to traditional roaming plans, and it’s a big improvement over what travelers had to do to stay connected. Gone are the days of worrying about high roaming charges or looking for a local SIM. GoRoam is currently available in Hong Kong, Thailand, and Taiwan, but will be available in other countries soon so stay tuned!

With Globe, international travel is made easier! Consider checking out different roaming, call and text, and pre-loaded SIM promos and products for your vacation plans.

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Enjoy the Convenience of Roaming

Keep your Globe SIM and make the most of your visit to Taiwan, Thailand, or Hong Kong with country-exclusive GoRoam offers.

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