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Independence Day Filipino Comfort Dishes - go!
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Eat Your Heart Out This Independence Day With These Filipino Comfort Dishes

...and where to get them.

One of the best things about being Filipino is that we take our food very seriously. Once an occasion calls for it, best believe that we’ll be eating the best dishes. Luckily, Independence Day this year falls on a weekend, and this calls for a double celebration. First, we commemorate our Filipino heritage and second, a treat for surviving another long week. 

Filipinos love a good reason (read: any reason) to indulge themselves with food. Below, we list down Filipino comfort dishes best as Independence Day meals.

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Indulge yourself with one of the most popular comfort Filipino dishes: kare-kare. Its thick and creamy peanut sauce mixed with different kinds of meat and vegetables is more than enough to be the only ulam on your menu. Bring out tasty bagoong, and you’re definitely bound to inhale two (or more) cups of rice.

Get your kare-kare fix from Manam by ordering on GrabFood or Foodpanda.


What’s a list of Filipino comfort food without the one, the only lechon? Recreate a fiesta in your home by ordering a serving, or two, of the delectable Filipino comfort food, complete with the crispy balat that’s to die for.

They say lechon hailing from Cebu is the best. Feast on the globally recognized Rico’s Lechon. Both the original and spicy flavors are sure to leave you satisfied. Check their website if there’s a branch near your place ready to deliver. If not, you can still get your hands on their frozen and ready-to-eat servings in select locations and supermarkets.


Even if we’ve formally marked the start of the rainy season, there are still days where the heat can be unbearable. In case Independence Day brings more sunshine than rain, cool off with a serving of halo-halo. This is one comfort Filipino food that’s bound to bring us a quick treat whatever weather may come.

In case you wanted to try something new, check out this simplified but equally satisfying take on halo-halo by Razon’s of Guagua. The word “bitin” won’t be in your vocabulary after trying this out. Order from the nearest Razon’s of Guagua branch via GrabFood or Foodpanda.


There’s nothing like having a good ol’ merienda session with kakanin, as rice cakes are always welcome comfort dishes. Its gooey goodness has you stealing bite after bite that you’re left to grab a second serving (or more).

Aside from its witty name, Mayor Biko puts a unique spin on the well-loved dessert. Instead of the usual latik sprinkled onto the dish, in its place is a thick and rich layer of latik and sweetened sauce. Here’s a tip: pop your serving into the microwave for a few seconds. This will melt the layer of sauce and latik all over your kakanin. Order your own bilao from Mayor Biko by sending them a message on Instagram.

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