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La Union Surfing Break 2019: A Recap - go!
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What Went Down At La Union Surfing Break 2019

And even if you missed it, a recap of what you can do in LU next time!

La Union’s surf season officially getting underway marked the return of La Union Surfing Break! Last month, beach lovers paid witness to ecotourism in full swing as the Surfing Capital of the North teamed up with Karpos Multimedia for the much-awaited cultural surf, music and arts festival. “At the core of [this] event is ecotourism toward its marine and beach life,” shared the La Union Surfing Break organizers. “[This reminds] both visitors and locals that it’s possible to [enjoy] and relax in La Union while still doing your part for the environment.”

Dubbed the Best Tourism Event in the Philippines for Sports, Adventure & Wellness, this year’s La Union Surfing Break, which took place between October 25 and 27, featured live art and live music in key La Union locations—San Juan, Bacnotan and Caba—where local acts Ysanygo, Jason Dhakal, Reese Lansangan, UNIQUE, B.P. Valenzuela, Fern and many others performed.

The event co-presented by Globe highlighted a lineup of sports and wellness events like beachside yoga, volleyball and surf sessions happening throughout the weekend. The Globe Eco Patrol segment, meanwhile, included a beach-wide clean-up, mangrove planting and coral planting in partnership with Curma, as well as various other awareness-raising efforts aimed at protecting the environment. Here, Marine conservation group Save Philippine Seas held a Bio Marine talk; participants were taught about the state of Philippine marine biodiversity and how regular citizens can protect our seas as proactive “seatizens.” #GlobeLUSurfBreak Beach Clean-ups were also set for October 26 and 27, where tourists were encouraged to join the beach clean-up and plastic collection activities. As a lasting contribution to the community, public trash bins in the vicinity were also donated by the group.

To complete the three-day festival, Globe partnered up with La Union Surf Club for a massive surfing exhibition, capping off the weekend by donating rashguards to members of the non-profit organization.

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La Union Surfing Break 2019 may be over, but there’s no reason you can’t make a quick escape to LU and enjoy at the beach any other time of the year. Here’s how you can relive the best moments from #GlobeLUSurfBreak—surf season or not.

Be sure to add these to your next trip’s to-do list:

Let’s not forget about that “to-eat” list and get ready to chow down:

While you’re there, be sure to visit these tourist spots:

Above all, here’s a friendly reminder to enjoy responsibly:

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