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6 Must-Visit Hiking and Diving Spots in the Philippines - go!
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6 Must-Visit Hiking and Diving Spots in the Philippines

Just some destinations to add to your 2022 travel bucket list

After a tough couple of years in the pandemic, tourism in the Philippines is finally bouncing back. That said, the same rules apply: travelers and locals alike should still take it upon themselves to follow the rules of COVID safety. With these in place, there’s no reason people can’t enjoy their summer; if they’re itching to experience the outside world again, hit the open road, or simply spend summers like they used to, they can go ahead and do so now, as travel restrictions throughout the country continue to ease up.

Apart from experiencing the best of travel and food, some might find that they simply need to revisit the outdoors—something that the best hiking and diving spots in the Philippines can surely help out with.

Mt. Daraitan

Tanay, Rizal

This mountaineering site is a famous hiking trail in the Philippines. It’s known for its magnificent panoramic view of the longest mountain range in the country, Sierra Madre, and the long stretch of the Daraitan River. Mt. Daraitan’s hiking trail is also best for beginners: It takes moderately two to four hours to reach the summit.

While you’re there, you can visit the beautifully carved limestone boulders of the Tinipak River. Why not cool off in the springs and natural pools, too, while you’re at it? You can even explore the caves located here, and take pictures for keeps (or for sharing with your friends using your Globe 5G data).

Mt. Apo

Davao City, Davao del Sur

One of the most popular spots for mountain hiking in the Philippines is Mt. Apo. Standing at 2,956 meters above sea level, this is the country’s highest peak that most climbing enthusiasts aim to conquer. Although rated as a major climb (it’s a seven-out-of-nine difficulty level), it’s one fulfilling ascend, especially as you pass through mystical lakes, luscious forests, and rocky mountainsides that may take you a three-day tour.

Make sure to prepare your hiking equipment and camping gear, and condition yourself physically and mentally before heading on this trail.

Two hikers on a rocky section on Mt. Apo
Photo: Dwight Lu

Mt. Madjaas 

Culasi, Antique

Hang onto your hiking gear and get ready for the summit of Mt. Madjaas in Western Visayas. It’s the tallest peak in the Panay Trilogy, giving relatively experienced hikers a challenging yet satisfying outdoor experience.

With only a little information available about its exploration, you can traverse Madjaas with absolute wonder and really go on an adventure. As a precautionary measure, however, be sure to request assistance from locals as you venture through. 

Sombrero Island

Tingloy, Batangas

Step into the breathtaking scenery of Sombrero Island just off mainland Batangas. True to its name, this unique hat-shaped island, adorned with smooth rock formations and greeneries, is a well-known diving spot that lets you see the province’s colorful and vibrant marine life.

Home to various fish species, turtles, jacks, gorgonians, snappers, and more, Sombrero Island is certainly one for the books (one that you and your friends can save in the cloud with your SURF4ALL data sharing promo).

Coral Garden

Camiguin, Mindanao

With its exciting marine life, Coral Garden in Camiguin Island surely lives up to its name. The coral formations here give divers and snorkeling tourists a colorful world to dive into and enjoy underwater.

In addition, Coral Garden is a perfect diving spot for hardcore and beginner divers alike. You get adequate water visibility that spans 10 to 30 meters and an average depth of around 26 meters. So, prepare your underwater camera and capture the reefs as sea creatures of all shapes and colors swim by your side.

Tubbataha Reef 

Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

On the hunt for the best diving scene in the Philippines? Look no further than this UNESCO-listed heritage site. Located in Palawan, Tubbataha Reef is a national treasure highly recognized for the biodiverse marine life taking root in the atoll reef.

Once you dive in, you can swim with a vast range of aquatic fauna, including whales and tiger sharks, fish, manta rays, and endangered hawksbill turtles. For this underwater adventure, don’t forget to take your camera with you and document the richness of aquatic life in the Philippines.

Schools of fishes on a coral reef
Photo: ZuBlu

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