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7 Pinoy Summer Snacks and Where to Order Them - go!
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7 Pinoy Summer Snacks and Where to Order Them

These Filipino favorites could very well cure cabin fever (and help you beat the heat)

It already feels like summer is here—and what better way to usher in the season than with bucket list-worthy travel and really good food? After being cooped up indoors for so long, it’s time to bust out that list of summer plans safe enough to take on during the pandemic. Besides, who isn’t excited to hit the road again, sunbathe on the beach, or go on a major food trip?

For those still feeling uneasy about heading out, you can still enjoy what the season has to offer without leaving the comforts and safety of home. Here’s one way to do that: stay cool this summer with delicious Pinoy snacks that can instantly transport you (to a tropical getaway, maybe, or back in time to your childhood). Ahead, the best of summer 2022 snack recommendations, plus where you can order them online.


Halo-halo is arguably one of the most famous Pinoy summer food items; even foreigners are eager to try it. True to its name, this dessert is a combination of different tropical ingredients, notable for their bright, vibrant colors.

While halo-halo can be customized according to a person’s liking, here are the absolute must-haves: beans, bananas, gelatin, leche flan and condensed milk. Add a scoop of ube ice cream to top it all off.

Where to Order Online:

  • Razon’s of Guagua (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

  • Kuya J (via foodpanda, GrabFood and Central Delivery)

  • Max’s Restaurant (via website, foodpanda and GrabFood)

Ice Scramble

Ice scramble—or as others like to call it: iskrambol—is a classic for Filipino kids and the kids at heart. Here, enjoy flavored crushed ice, flavored syrup, powdered milk, dessert sprinkles and marshmallows. Like halo-halo, this pastel-colored dessert cup is all about making summertime festive, colorful and vibrant.

Where to Order Online:

  • Indulge MNL (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

  • Kanto Freestyle Breakfast (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

  • Snacks and Ladders (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

Buko Pandan

Craving something chilled, chewy, creamy and aromatic? Buko pandan is likely your best bet. This is made primarily of coconut, with pandan-flavored gelatin added to the mix. While a party and salu-salo staple, most Filipino restaurants have this on their daily menu, so you can get your buko pandan fix wherever you’re craving.

Where to Order Online:

  • Nathaniel’s Bakeshop (via foodpanda, GrabFood and in-house delivery for select branches)

  • Mang Inasal (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

  • Manam (via website, foodpanda, GrabFood and Pick.A.Roo)


This pudding-like dessert, topped with brown sugar and sago, doubles as an all-time favorite Pinoy breakfast. Here and now, the great news is that you no longer have to wait for the early morning rounds of the mangtataho to get this protein-loaded snack. All it takes today is a simple tap on your phone to get your serving of either hot taho or chilled taho.

Where to Order Online:

  • Taho Bar (via in-house delivery through Facebook or Instagram)

  • Giant Taho (via in-house delivery through Facebook or Instagram)

  • Soya Bar (via website and foodpanda)

Saba con Yelo

This cool, summer-perfect snack is the one for fruit lovers: Featuring delectable, sweetened bananas, shaved ice, brown sugar syrup and condensed milk, saba con yelo (also generally referred to as “saging con hielo”) is a must when trying to beat the heat. There are countless ways of customizing this dessert, too: throw in ice cream, cornflakes or whipped cream!

Where to Order Online:

  • Mesa (via foodpanda, GrabFood, and Pick.A.Roo) 

  • Corazon (via foodpanda)

  • Marison’s (via website)

Sago’t Gulaman

If there’s one famous drink that dessert fans can consider the bida of Pinoy summers, it’s sago’t gulaman. This flavorful beverage made of sugar, ice and the sago-gulaman tandem is more in demand during the summertime but is available all year long, across the country. It’s something you can think of as a way of closing out a savory lunch or dinner, as well: the chewy and refreshing drink is a fantastic follow-up to the classic pork barbecue or lumpiang shanghai.

Where to Order Online:

  • Goldilocks (via website, foodpanda, and GrabFood)

  • Mang Inasal (via website, foodpanda, and GrabFood)

  • The Grid Food Market (via website and GrabFood)

Buko Shake

Creamy and refreshing: these are just two ways to describe the buko shake experience, which can pretty much complete a hot day spent lounging at home. Indulging in a fresh fruit milkshake like a buko shake can transport you easily to any one of the country’s hot summer destinations. Who knew young coconut meat, water, sugar, coconut juice, evaporated milk and ice could go so hard?

Where to Order Online:

  • Buko Juan (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

  • Fruitas (via website, foodpanda and GrabFood)

  • Buko Express (via foodpanda and GrabFood)

While at home, treat yourself with just a few taps. Grab your smartphone, turn on your mobile data, and order food delivery via GLife. You can also use your Globe Reward points to satisfy your summer food cravings, so check out Globe Rewards for more exclusive deals.

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