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Rainy Day Comfort Food and Where to Order Them - go!
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Rainy Day Comfort Food and Where to Order Them

Here are some cold-weather staples to warm you up

The lockdown has prompted many people to stay in to protect themselves. And now that we’re expecting rain these ber months, we’re even more inclined to take refuge in our homes.

One great way to make things less gloomy is to enjoy some of your favorite dishes at home. Here, we list down a few rainy day comfort food ideas you can enjoy with your whole family.

Here are some rainy day dishes to warm you up this cold season:


What’s a rainy day without a steaming cup of bulalo? This cold-weather staple is made by boiling beef shanks and bone marrow to get that classic beef stew taste. The glory of this dish is in its broth—made rich by beef collagen simmered for hours—tempting one to slurp one bowl after another!

Where to order: If you’re looking to satisfy your bulalo cravings, you can easily place an order with Max’s Restaurant through GLife, which integrates over 30 merchants and lifestyle brands into the GCash dashboard. There are other food delivery options and restaurants available on GLife for you to try and choose from!


Aside from being a certified “essential,” the all-time Filipino favorite is a bowl of happiness on a cold day. Lugaw is made by boiling water, salt and ginger, and is topped with egg, chicharron and meat strips for an incredibly filling meal.

Where to order: You can order freshly cooked lugaw from Lugaw Republic or Oh My Lugaw through food apps and have it delivered to your doorstep. 

Chicken sopas

There’s nothing like a hearty chicken soup to brighten things up. Chicken sopas is a combination of elbow macaroni pasta, chicken meat and vegetables. These are mixed with garlic and onion sautéed in butter. Milk is added to the broth to create a creamy base.

Where to order: Aside from the classic creamy chicken sopas, you can also get specialties such as the Chicken Tinola sa Gata from Manam. You can place an order on their website or through food delivery apps.

Instant Noodles (Ramen)

Who can resist a bowl of ramen on a cold day? Although we’d like to think that every day is ramen day, it just tastes better when it’s pouring outside. And thanks to the ramen craze that never quite subsided, we can choose from a range of different flavors!

Where to order: Tokyo Tokyo offers a twist to this popular Japanese dish with the Cheesy Beef Ramen—a combination of beef, spicy cheese, tonkotsu broth and noodles. You can order via their official website or food delivery apps.


Champorado is so good you can gobble it up all year round. But, for some reason, it’s especially delicious during the rainy season. This chocolate-flavored rice porridge has three main ingredients: glutinous rice, cocoa and water. Sugar and milk are added to enhance its taste and thickness.

Where to order: If you prefer the classic dark chocolate and milk combo, you can’t go wrong with Max’s Triple Chocolate Champorado, which you can order through GLife. If you want a twist on the classic, Kuya J offers chocolate and ube champorado, made with slow-cooked sticky rice, sugar and milk.


That one meme is right: you’re a Filipino if you love sinigang. There’s just something about this dish that makes it so comforting, especially during rainy days. Its savory, sour taste gives a kick that’s perfect for the stormy weather. This unique recipe includes pork, beef or seafood as the main ingredient, usually mixed with okra, radish, snake beans, kangkong and green chili peppers.

Where to order: Max’s Restaurant offers various sinigang recipes, including Sinigang na Tiyan ng Bangus, Sinigang na Hipon and Sinigang na Baboy. You can conveniently place an order using the GLife mini-app.

Ginataang bilo-bilo

What could be better than digging into luscious comfort food during the cold weather? Although ginataang bilo-bilo is commonly served during special occasions, this chewy, coconut-based dessert is also a rainy-day favorite. It is made with glutinous rice balls, tapioca, fruits and tubers, making it the ultimate option if you’re looking to get warmed up and full at the same time.

Where to order: Kuya J’s banner dishes include the ginataang bilo-bilo loaded with chewy ube bilo-bilo, banana, kamote, langka and pinipig. With its online store, ordering is made faster and easier.

Warm Up with Rainy Day Comfort Food

Rainy days call for comfort food. They make things less dreary, warming you up with their tasty ingredients and delectable flavors. If you’re craving cold-weather dishes, check out GLife on the GCash app today to place an order! 

With GLife, you can use your Globe reward points to pay for orders at any of Globe’s participating dining partners. So, make sure you download the Globe Rewards app to access special discounts and exclusive perks!

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