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8 Resorts in Batangas to Book for Your 2023 Vacations - go!
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8 Resorts in Batangas to Book for Your 2023 Vacations

These destinations are perfect for getaways with both family and friends

With such close proximity to the metro, Batangas is one of those fail-safe, go-to destinations for NCR residents if they’re after a quick weekend getaway or a long vacation close to Manila. This coastal province is home to some of the best beaches and resorts that offer a safe space for you to unwind from the fast-paced city. In about a two-hour drive, you can reach a tropical paradise where you can enjoy a fun adventure together with friends, lounge at the beach with your family, spend a romantic trip with your special person, or go on a tranquil journey of self-discovery a la Eat Pray Love.

Guests have a variety of options ranging from affordable, and mid-range, to luxury hotels and resorts. If you’re looking for a change of scenery, we’ve put together a list of Batangas beach resorts and accommodations for you to visit. Scroll through and get planning!

Camp Netanya

Barangay Ligaya, Mabini Road, Anilao, Batangas 

Inspired by the architecture of Santorini, Camp Netanya’s blue and white domed structures give you the feeling of taking a vacation in Greece  (definitely a refreshing backdrop for your Insta-worthy photos, too). This haven of leisure and relaxation has different guest rooms, villas, and family-friendly facilities. You may rent a boat to see the rock formations at Oscar Island or dive around Sombrero Island. Another option is to go snorkeling to witness Anilao’s beautiful coral formations and diverse marine ecosystem, too. 

Visit the official website for more information and connect with Camp Netanya on Instagram and Facebook

Planet Dive Resort

Barangay San Teodoro, Mabini, Batangas

Anilao is a marine protected sanctuary with incredibly diverse species of fish and coral. Spend the day out at sea, and enjoy the breathtaking underwater scenery. Here, you have the choice to take a diving session together with the in-house dive masters of Planet Dive Resort. After a day filled with exciting adventures, return to the lush greenery and calm energy at the resort. Good news for pet-lovers, too: simply present your pet’s vaccination record and you instantly get to enjoy a relaxing vacation together with your fur baby at Planet Dive.

Connect with Planet Dive Resort via Instagram and Facebook

Crusoe Cabins

Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas

Inspired by the novel Robinson Crusoe, Crusoe Cabins has a rustic aesthetic that evokes the warm feeling of staying in a modern cabin by the sea. This resort practices sustainability by upcycling container vans into cozy living accommodations. Marvel at the beautiful seascape of Batangas at the comfort of your seaside home or participate in fun activities like kayaking and banana boating at the Aquaria Water Park.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with Crusoe Cabins on Instagram and Facebook.

Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort

Barangay Sta. Ana, Calatagan, Batangas

With its cottages and bungalows set on a vista of a magical sunset, Stilts Calatagan offers an overall soothing vacation experience. Enjoy the thrill of adventure with the variety of activities that they offer—from scenic ATV and mountain bike trails to kayaking and snorkeling. If you prefer a quiet day of communing with nature, you may visit their mangrove park and flower gardens. A little trivia here: traditional stilt houses were built to prevent flooding and to keep pests away. That said, you can bet that your trip to this beach resort will surely be a comfortable one.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with Stilts Calatagan Beach Resort on Instagram and Facebook

La Luz Beach Resort

Barangay Hugom, Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

Originally a small private resort, La Luz was eventually opened to the public, sharing the beauty of the white sand beaches of Laiya with the community. Make great memories with family and friends as you go diving in the ocean, go jet skiing, banana boating, or snorkeling. As you return home to the cozy lofts and relaxing hotel accommodations, you are reminded of the simple joys of life with the natural and organic design aesthetic featured all over the property.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with La Luz Beach Resort on Instagram and Facebook

Acuaverde Beach Resort and Hotel

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

The accommodations of this beachfront resort hotel are designed with a fusion of modern and traditional Filipino styles to give visitors the warm feeling of being at home. This tropical retreat offers spa services to pamper yourself, on one hand, and then has great watersports facilities for enjoying out at the sea. They also offer day trip packages for those who are after a quick relaxing break. In addition, Acuaverde welcomes pets, so if you want to bring along your furry friends during your staycation, this place is perfect for you.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with Acuaverde Beach Resort and Hotel on Instagram and Facebook

Virgin Beach Resort

Laiya, San Juan, Batangas

With its beachfront accommodations and long stretches of white sands, Virgin Beach Resort is a peaceful haven to regenerate your body, mind, and soul. This resort offers overnight and day trip packages for you to soak up the sun and get refreshed by the sea. You can choose from a wide selection of recreational activities such as biking, bird watching, snorkeling, and kayaking. Should you opt for a completely restful day, you can lounge in the cabanas or go for a walk along the shore, taking in the wonderful seascape of Batangas.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with Virgin Beach Resort on Instagram and Facebook.

Club Balai Isabel

Talisay-Tanuan Road, Talisay, Batangas

Known for its magnificent view of Taal Volcano, Club Balai Isabel is a resort built on the shores of Taal Lake, so that visitors can appreciate the distinct beauty of this location. With its spectacular scenery, this resort makes a romantic setting for a wedding proposal and is spacious enough to accommodate large gatherings. Here, you can spend your vacations in peace while being surrounded by trees or you can go on adventures by trekking to the volcano. The best thing about Club Balai Isabel is how it actively supports civic and environmental efforts to protect the Taal ecosystem, too, which is home to rare endemic marine species.

Visit the official website for more information and connect with Club Balai Isabel on Instagram and Facebook.

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