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7 Resorts in Boracay To Book For Your 2023 Vacations - go!
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7 Resorts in Boracay To Book For Your 2023 Vacations

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It’s the island in Aklan province that remains among the top beach destinations in the world: the world-renowned tropical paradise Boracay. Known for its pristine white beaches, clean turquoise waters, and lush scenery, this gem is less than an hour away from Manila by plane, which makes it an ideal easy summer getaway for Filipinos and foreigners alike.

A quick recap of island vacationing facts: Boracay’s White Beach stretches across three districts. If you prefer a beachfront scene with a more calming atmosphere, Station 1 is less crowded and more laidback, perfect for families on vacation. Meanwhile, Station 2 is the most popular area as it is located in the middle of White Beach where the majority of Boracay restaurants and entertainment spots like D’Mall and Station X are located. Station 2 is also a hub for water activities like parasailing and island hopping. Station 3 is the quietest part of White Beach and has most of the affordable resorts in Boracay.

All this is pretty well-known, so how can you enjoy Boracay in a brand-new way? An option is to switch things up with where you book your stay. The list ahead should come in handy for something like this. Scroll through for a list of beach resorts and accommodations in Boracay for you to consider in 2023:

Seaworthy Boracay

Station 1 Beachfront, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island

A cozy and intimate haven at the center of Station 1, Seaworthy is a noteworthy boutique hotel that opened just this year. This is the first hotel owned and operated by the Sunny Side Group, known for their well-loved restaurants across the island that have been around for about two decades.

Savor the freshly caught seafood from surrounding islands served at Seaworthy’s in-house restaurant and enjoy a quiet tea time in their Sunset Lounge. Here, you can get a stunning view of Boracay’s White Beach. Combining good food with warm hospitality, this hotel will make your vacation a special one.

For more information, visit the official website and follow Seaworthy Boracay on Instagram and Facebook.

Hampstead Boracay

Balabag Plaza, Station 1, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island

To those seeking a peaceful space to do their remote work or to take a relaxing break, Hampstead Long Stay Hotel is the place for you. With eight spacious rooms and comfortable amenities, this quaint hotel offers packages weekly to monthly packages for guests who are interested in living the island life long-term.

Staying by the sea, as it’s well known, is good for physical health and mental rejuvenation (the sea breeze and Vitamin D boost your immune system). Feel refreshed here when you book your stay. A seaside work-cation at Hampstead ought to help you increase your productivity and your happiness.

For more information, visit the official website and follow Hampstead Boracay on Instagram and Facebook.

Discovery Shores

Station 1, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island

A favorite among local and international travelers, Discovery Shores is one of the island’s prestigious resorts and has received multiple awards for its excellent service. In this five-star hotel, you can experience a memorable stay in the luxurious guest rooms and pamper yourself at the wellness spa. Share golden moments with your family with various activities at sea such as doing water sports, scuba diving, and exploring the neighboring islands. 

Discovery Shores is also known as a romantic wedding destination, overlooking Boracay’s clear waters and the majestic sunset view of Boracay.

For more information, visit the official website and follow Discovery Shores on Instagram and Facebook.

The Tides

D’Mall Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay Island

Located at the heart of D’Mall in Station 2, The Tides Hotel is just a short walk from the beachfront where you can enjoy activities at sea together with your friends or family. 

This area of White Beach is the most energetic and fast-paced by far, a place for playing watersports and partying to meet new people. If you want to experience the vibrant nightlife of Boracay, grab a drink at the Pelican Sky Bar, a roof deck chill-out bar with a panoramic view of the island’s famous sunsets. 

For more information, visit the official website and follow the Tides Hotel Boracay on Instagram and Facebook.

Henann Garden Resort

Station 2, Barangay Balabag, Boracay

One of the premiere beachfront hotels in Boracay, Henann Garden Resort offers affordable accommodation with access to luxurious amenities such as 273 rooms, four swimming pools, a garden café, and a garden center. Guests of the hotel are assured of the excellent level of service standards because of its triple-A rating, the highest rating for resorts in the Philippines. Located at Station 2, Henann is a short walk away from the island’s attractions and popular hubs for social interactions. This garden resort is set on an expansive landscape with direct private access to the beachfront, ensuring a comfortable stay.

For more information, visit the official website and follow Henann Garden Resort on Instagram and Facebook.

Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel

Station 3 Beachfront, Sitio Angol, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island

Wellness encompasses a healthy body, a sound mind, and a tranquil spirit. If you prefer a quieter spot away from the crowds but one that’s still accessible to the different tourist spots on the island, Villa Caemilla is a safe bet for you. 

Located along the shores of Station 3, this boutique hotel offers a complimentary shuttle service from the jetty port leading to their contemporary and spacious accommodations. Unwind at the most laidback area of the White Beach and spend the day lounging by the sea in the hotel’s private beachfront space.  

For more information, visit the official website and follow Villa Caemilla Beach Boutique Hotel on Instagram and Facebook.

Mandala Spa and Resort Villas

Station 3, Ambulong, Barangay Manoc-Manoc, Boracay Island

A healing oasis in Boracay, Mandala Spa and Resort Villas offers a space for visitors to relax, recharge, and reconnect with nature. 

Invigorate yourself through Mandala’s award-winning spa treatments and their signature Asian massage. Just as well, this resort villa offers organic gourmet cuisine with a wide range of delicious and well-balanced meals with vegan, gluten-free, and vegetarian options. In this retreat, you are sure to feel calm within the garden villas and feel peaceful while walking along the white sand beaches.

For more information, visit the official website and follow Mandala Spa and Resort Villas on Instagram and Facebook.

Find a resort that matches your needs? Whether you head to Boracay with your family, friends, partner, or on your own, the island definitely has something in store for you!

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