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Restaurants To Hit This 2018

Trust us, you’ll be coming back all year

Restaurants may come and go, but our appetites are forever. Fortunately for us all, there’s always a new restaurant to hit, order from and fall in love with. And while Roxas Boulevard is known for classics that have stood the test of time, Bonifacio Global City is where we’ve all taken ourselves for a taste of something different.

BGC has become a hodgepodge of all things young, refreshing and delicious, as well as the good and bad that comes with that. But long lines and fully booked tables are no match for a person on a food mission and nothing is quite as satisfying as finally biting into a really good dish at the end—or middle or beginning—of a long day.

Tsuta Ramen

High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City


Naysayers once said that ramen was a fad that would burn out in a year or two. But there have been countless novel restaurants and chain openings since and we honestly don’t see things slowing down anytime soon. And now we don’t have to go all the way to Japan for a taste of the first Michelin Star ramen restaurant: Tsuta.

Tsuta differentiates itself from competition by pairing its soba noodles with a lighter and cleaner tasting broth, as opposed to the richer and thicker soup that we’ve all gotten used to. Moreover, the restaurant is unafraid to break status quo and use western ingredients such as black truffle and olives, which will give you an entirely different ramen experience.

And while some loyalists might argue that ramen is a tradition that should not be touched, this is one exception to be made.


James & Daughters By Le Jardin

The Westin Residences Manla Sonata, 21st Drive, Fort Bonifacio


For a more homey feel, there’s always James & Daughters, the newest concept restaurant from Chef Jonas. Taking his family’s travels as inspiration, he cooked up a menu that resembles their favorite dishes made local by the ingredients they use.

The Tuna Kilawin is refreshing and light and levels up the traditional dish we all grew up with by using yellowfin tuna as the hero ingredient. But if you want a tuna dish with a little more international seasoning, you can always opt for the Seared Togarashi Tuna instead. Then again, there is the relatively more classic Duo of Mom’s Fried Chicken and Tori Karaage for the less experimental of us.

There are also other parts of the world to taste in James & Daughters, including dishes inspired by Kuala Lumpur (BBQ Stingray with Laksa Rice) and France (Plate of Foie Gras). A food trip around the world without the plane ticket prices never seemed so attainable.


St. Louis House Of Fine Ice Cream & Dessert

High Street Central, Bonifacio Global City


For all those people that say there just isn’t enough room for dessert, we say you just haven’t found the right place. And—who knows?—St. Louis might just be the one that turns you over to the sweeter side.

Before you even get a chance to look at the menu, the interiors and ambiance of St. Louis will blow you away. It’s classically designed, minimalist in a way that doesn’t leave you wanting more and the service is always friendly without being overbearing.

You can get everything from Ferrero Rocher or Salted Caramel ice cream to a Nutella Affogato and their signature Louis’ Cookie Sandwich. Take your pick from fondue sets, churros, shakes and crepes. And if alcohol is your thing, they also serve up a great assortment of cocktails.


2018, you’re looking quite delicious and we cannot wait to get started.  

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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