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5 Super Simple Things You Can Do to Help Save the Environment

Don’t see it as a one-time deal; see it as a lifestyle choice

In small ways and sometimes very drastic ones, we are confronted every day with signs of a deteriorating planet. A recent report revealed that global warming today is worse than predicted (the current conditions double the established climate models). In another, it was found that global carbon dioxide emissions hit an all-time high in the first quarter of 2018. All these instances put lives on earth at risk. That’s right: the only home we have is in grave danger…and so are we.

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With such dramatic and irreversible damages being done, an annual Earth Day celebration is not enough. Recycling once a week won’t cut it. And it’s high time we all embrace saving the earth as a daily calling, something to advocate for day in and out.

Here’s how you can set all this into motion and do your part in helping save the environment:

#1: Swap to a bicycle for trips to nearby locations.

If long distances are non-negotiable as far as car use is concerned, make short trips the exception. Instead of taking your car, why not bike to your local grocery or neighborhood pet store? Unlike motorized vehicles, bicycles do not release harmful substances into the air and do not contribute to the already staggering amount of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere. Just be sure to stick to dedicated bike lanes and wear a helmet before you start pedaling. Another viable option? Go for a walk. 

#2: Go paperless.

Printing less paper means saving more trees. Even those tiny receipts from your ATM transactions, which you just tear up and toss into the trash anyway, can pile up into waste later on. The next time you feel the need to monitor your bank balance, opt to use the view-on-screen feature to know how much money you have in your account and keep a record of it on your mobile device.

While you’re at it, opt for paperless billing, a digital filing system and the digital versions of everyday paper products.

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#3: Reduce your share of leftover meals or food waste.

We are said to waste about 308,000 tons of rice yearly…and that's just the tip of the iceberg. Just imagine the volume of leftovers and food waste from every household that goes into landfills. These contribute to a higher production of greenhouse gases like methane and carbon dioxide, too.

There are several ways to combat this and produce less food waste: One is to shop for the exact amount of food items whenever you head to the supermarket; another is to donate leftovers to food kitchens. You can also research on local companies that accept food waste donations, that these can be recycled and made into fertilizers or biogas that can be converted into renewable energy.

#4: Eat locally.

While we’re on the subject of food, here’s another tip: eat locally. This is regarded as a means to sustain the environment through the farm-to-table concept in food production and dining. To eat local means you consume food that is produced close to home (like surrounding farmlands and fisheries). In effect, food manufacturers or producers can decrease their carbon footprint by cutting down on transportation and packaging of goods.

#5: Volunteer at clean-up drives and conservation projects.

Even the smallest attempts of going green can go a long way. Couple your regular everyday efforts with those on a community-wide scale to get even more people involved and make an even bigger impact. What better way to do this than to connect with your village’s homeowners’ association and ask about upcoming clean-up drive you can all take on together?

Alternatively, you can encourage your family, friends and colleagues to take up an environmental advocacy with you whether it’s tree planting or collecting of e-waste like broken equipment, old batteries, cables and the like.

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On top of these, you can also vow to give up single-use plastic, forgo the straw and make it a point to segregate your trash. These are just some of the ways you can give back to the planet. With such simple and easy executions, will they cost you? No. Will they do the world some good? Yes. So, what else are you waiting for?

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