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The Best Places to Grab Summer Dessert in Manila

The season—read: hot—means cold summer dessert

We probably say this every summer, but it’s never a lie: as the years pass, the summers just keep getting hotter and hotter. And while we’d love to haul up in a room with the air-conditioning on full blast, this just isn’t possible—our wallets and careers would suffer. So we’ll settle—always—for a great summer dessert instead.

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Razon’s Of Guagua

With branches pretty much everywhere

It’s a classic at this point, but what summer dessert list wouldn’t be complete without Razon’s halo-halo?

There’s just something about the simplicity of crushed ice, evaporated milk, leche flan and macapuno that never fails to put a smile on millions of faces. Sure, Razon’s take on the Filipino favorite might lack some of the more flavorful ingredients, but it really is the dish’s clean taste that sets it apart.

So if you’re at the end of your meal and craving a little something to satisfyingly cleanse your palate, head over to Razon’s—we’re sure there’s a branch near you anyway.

Rita’s Italian Ice

With branches in Alabang Town Center, SM-The Block, SM City North-EDSA, SM MOA and UP Town Center

Do you remember eating flavored ice as a child? If you’re anything like us, the thought brings on a lot of nostalgia and good memories. Rita’s Italian Ice is just like that—except leveled up to the nth degree.

The big deal about Rita’s is that you have a slew of flavors to choose from and the consistency of the ice is always the same—smooth, not too cold and light on the tongue. So whether you want something light like mango, lemon or grape, go for it. Then again, if you have a craving for something heavier like peanut butter & jelly, no one can stop you.


With brances in MOA, Ayala 30th, Century City Mall, Santolan Town Plaza, SM San Lazaro, MPlace, SM Manila, SM North and Venice Grand Canal

Who doesn’t love an elevated rolled up ice cream, right? And Elait also has some great PWD-initiatives, too.

Like most rolled ice cream spots, the Elait experience starts from placing an order and quickly moves to watching your choice being made in front of you to scooping up that list bit of dessert. But what does set it apart is that the end product is smoother and creamier than you might expect.

Nono’s by Classic Confections

With branches in UP Town Center, The Podium, Three Central, Festival Mall, Florietta and Nuvali

Technically speaking, Nono’s is a comfort food restaurant…but their summer dessert options cannot be missed.

Their dessert menu may not exactly scream summer, but their options for cakes, cookies and other baked goods will change your mind. Go for the indulgent Dulce De Leche or keep things simpler with their Lemon Pistachio Cake.

Freezer Burn

Bonifacio High Street, BGC

Those that have a hard time with the cold summer dessert fad, there’s always Freezer Burn.

Living up to its name in the way that matters most, Freezer Burn is a marriage between the cold and hot—which they carry on to their tagline, “Summer/Winter is coming.” Mix ice cream—flavors of which go from traditional chocolate to the more adventurous ketchup and mayo—and mix it up with pair these with brownies, French fries and even cotton candy.

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The skies have been a bit of a tease recently—cloudy one moment and sunny the next. So if you’re hoping to cool down in these last few weeks of summer, reach out for something a little more reliable: a summer dessert that won’t let you down.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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