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The Ultimate Vacation Checklists for Every Budget

This is your summer vacation shopping checklist

Anyone who has had to pack for a vacation knows exactly how stressful the experience can be—especially if you don’t know where to begin. And while it might not be our first time anymore, each experience is still different as the packing depends on what you plan to do and where you plan to be doing these activities.

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Now, what you do and where you go likewise depends on what your budget and accommodations are. And this is exactly why it’s so important to factor these in when you’re packing, too. Below are three travel options of three different budget ranges.


Sample budget: P1,000 to P1,500 per night

Sample location: Zambales, Batangas or Quezon Province

Suggestion activities: Food trip, sightseeing and stargazing

Economical trips normally include road trips and camping trips. Think driving out and sleeping at the back of your pick-up truck to watch the stars or going hiking up an easy trail and setting up camp wherever (or whenever) the venue permits. These tend to be adventures themselves, but they’re adventures that take a lot of patience and require you to be prepared for any situation. In other words, packing light isn’t the safest option.


Camping Equipment

[  ] Tent

[  ] Waterproof matches/lighter

[  ] Seasoning, condiments

[  ] Sleeping Bag

[  ] Plate, utensils, mug

[  ] Canned goods

[  ] Head lamp, flashlight

[  ] Dish soap

[  ] Pocket knife

[  ] Portable stove, fuel

[  ] Portable cook set/charcoal

[  ] Trash Bag


Sample budget: P2,000 to P3,000 per night

Sample locations: La Union, Baguio or Hong Kong

Suggested activities: Surfing, swimming and sightseeing

Mid-range budget trips usually involve beach trips and sleeping in at three-star hotels or short-haul international flights. Who knows, maybe all you want is to unwind on one of country’s pristine beaches or maybe you scored a great deal on a seat sale. The thing is, budget hotels don’t always have the essentials ticked as complimentary items, which means you need to bring your own.

Low Cost and Mid-Range


[  ] Toothbrush, toothpaste

[  ] Soap

[  ] Tissue, wet wipes

[  ] Shampoo, conditioner

[  ] Bath towel

[  ] Comb

Personal Hygiene

[  ] Deodorant

[  ] Sanitary Pads

[  ] Razor

[  ] Cleanser, moisturizer

[  ] Makeup, makeup remover

[  ] ]Shaving cream

[  ] Nail clipper, Q-tips, cotton balls


Sample budget: P3,000 and above per night

Sample locations: pretty much anywhere

Suggested activities: local experiences, tours and outdoor sports

If you have the cash to splurge, then going on a relatively luxurious trip might be a top priority this summer. You can check in at five-star hotels, go on local tours and choose almost any destination that you fancy. And because luxe accommodations tend to cover a lot of the basics, you won’t actually need to pack so much.

Low Cost, Mid-Range and High-End

Identification, money, tickets

[  ] Valid ID

[  ] Cash, pocket money

[  ] Emergency money

[  ] Debit card, credit card

[  ] Tickets


[  ] Power bank

[  ] Charger

[  ] Camera

[  ] Mobile phone

[  ] Load cards


[  ] Walking shoes, sneakers

[  ] Slippers

Bags, Clothes

[  ] Carry-on bag

[  ] Backpack

[  ] Underwear

[  ] Socks

[  ] Sleepwear

[  ] Everyday clothes

Emergency Kit/First Aid

[  ] Pain reliever

[  ] Alcohol, hand sanitizer

[  ] Band aid, Povidone-iodine

[  ] Prescription meds

[  ] Motion sickness meds

[  ] Insect Repellent

Swimming Essentials (for beach trips)

[  ] Swim wear

[  ] Sunscreen

[  ] Goggles

[  ] Beach Towel

[  ] Sunglasses

Outerwear (for cold weather)

[  ] Jacket

[  ] Bonnet/cap/hatvia GIPHY

[  ] Gloves

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Bonus Tips

Smartphones lose battery relatively quickly and we all hate the notification that says we need to clear up some storage before taking a few more snapshots. So shop for a more portable option before you go on vacation.

Likewise, you’ll never know when you’ll be connected—especially when it comes to international trips. So switch your phone to its roaming mode, whether you’re on a postpaid or prepaid plan.

And of course: Have fun!

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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