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5 Trips To Take In 2019

Looking for a little history, culture and calm?

It’s an entirely new year with a new set of long weekends—and new travel trips to plan, of course. And while the beach is always a reliable source of relaxation and entertainment, maybe take the road less traveled for now. We have our eyes set on history, beautiful cities and the most charming villages for trips to take in 2019.

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Siem Reap, Cambodia

Visa upon arrival for Philippine passport holders


Many of us know what the Angkor Wat looks like from travel photos and tourist videos, but seeing it in person is different altogether. That breathtaking sunrise behind its main temple as you stand around a reflective pond is an experience you won’t want to miss—keep your eyes (and your phones) open though, it happens slowly at first and then it’s finished before you know it.

Of course, Siem Reap has so much more to offer than the iconic Angkor Wat and its temples. There are traditional cooking classes to take, tuktuks to ride and streets to dance on. You can take your pick of restaurants to eat in, river cruises to take and acts to watch. And while it depends on the month that you visit, there are likely to be a swarm of tourists just like you to make friends with.

Hiroshima, Japan

Visa required for Philippine passport holders

With Japan loosening the reigns on its visa applications, it’s quickly become a favorite for Filipino tourists. But while Tokyo has its Shibuya Crossing and Osaka has its temples, you cannot beat the history of Hiroshima.


As ground zero for World War II’s atomic bomb, there are heritage sites and museums to visit to learn about things you cannot absorb as well through books and war stories. Don’t worry though, because the trip not need be a sad one. Hiroshima, after rebuilding itself, has become one of Japan’s most modern cities, filled with shopping, great food and hot springs.

Seoul, South Korea

Visa required for Philippine passport holders


Korean culture has taken over the world—and for very good reason. But while we revel in South Korea’s pop sensations, makeup trends and beauty routines, the country has so much more to offer.

We suggest a quick trip to Bukchon Hanok Village, a traditional Korean village nestled on top of a hill between Gyeongbok Palace, Changdeok Palace and Jongmyo Royal Shrine. Immerse yourself in the culture by donning a rented hanbok (national wear) as you walk its alleys, entering an open hanok (traditional house), getting crafty in an culture workshop, eating to your heart’s content and capping off the day in its several cafés.

Florence, Italy

Visa required for Philippine passport holders


Italy is a long way away, but it’s a country that’s worth the hours on a plane. The cities are convenient and efficient trains between each other, each offering its own charm, history and stories. Walking out of the station is always like entering a book of some sorts—a fairy tale sometimes and an adventure otherwise.

Florence may not be as popular as Rome, but it has a signature all its own. The small city is littered with sculptures you can just come up to and admire, museums and cathedrals that have withstood the test of time and cobblestone roads that are just itching to be walked on. And while you’re there, don’t forget to get a bird’s eye view of Florence’s classic brick red rooftops from Piazzale Michaelangelo.

Vigan, Philippines

No visa required


Of course, satiating your travel bug doesn’t always mean buying a plane ticket. The Philippines, with our thousands of islands, has so much to offer. So pack a few change of clothes, get in your car and get ready for a wonderful road trip.

Vigan, of course, has food options upon food options to offer, but as arguably one of the best kept old cities in the Philippines, taking a walk down Calle Crisologo will bring you right back to the hay days of the Philippines. Of course, there are also religious sites to visit, such as Archbishop’s Palace and St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral.

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Wherever you decide to go this year, make it a good one for you. See what you want to see and experience everything that you want to experience. Leave the heavy accommodations lifting to the experts—you’ll find the best possible deals on Agoda with Globe.

Words Adie Pieraz

Art Alex Lara

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