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Where to Order Lechon for the Holidays in Metro Manila - go!
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Where to Order Lechon for the Holidays in Metro Manila

Read on to find out where you can get the Filipino party staple just in time for the holidays

Is it really a full-blown Pinoy feast without lechon? Those who enjoy celebrating with food know: lechon is the centerpiece of choice as far as festive Filipino tablescapes are concerned.

As the holiday season approaches, it’s time to revisit all the places you can get your hands on this delicious, glorious whole roasted pig. 

Across the Philippines, there are regional variations of how the lechon is prepared, of course. In Manila, lechon is traditionally cooked unstuffed and is served with a liver-based gravy or sarsa. Meanwhile, the lechon in the Visayas is stuffed with fragrant aromatic herbs like lemongrass and bay leaves before cooking the pig over charcoal for hours. Visayan lechon can be served with vinegar (or sinamak) as a dipping sauce, too.

Whichever suits your preference, there is certainly a lechon for every Filipino or Filipino at heart. Here, find a list covering the classic favorites to the more contemporary takes that offer lechon in Metro Manila.

Lydia’s Lechon

Want to talk about humble beginnings? This now-famous lechon brand started out as a small stall in Baclaran. Lydia’s Lechon has been serving its bestselling charcoal roast lechon with its popular sarsa for more than five decades now. With over 20 stores in the metro and an online ordering option, you can easily purchase the all-time favorite lechon that can please foodies across generations. Prices start at ₱9,800 for a cochinillo (which is good for around eight people).


It’s described by the late Chef Anthony Bourdain as the best pig ever.  It’s Zubuchon, an iconic brand that has brought its signature Cebu lechon to Manila. The secret to the delicious roasted pig here is their signature broth made from lechon meat, bones, and aromatics—all slow-cooked for six hours. With Zubuchon’s restaurant branches in Mandaluyong, Makati, Las Piñas, and Quezon City, you can conveniently order lechon for your holiday celebrations from anywhere in Metro Manila. The Zubuchon lechon is available by the platter with prices ranging from ₱350 to ₱980, while the whole lechon starts at ₱8,500.

Elar’s Lechon

Elar’s Lechon is a favorite among those who grew up in Quezon City. Through the years, the quality has remained consistent, which is notable among its loyalists, which means the brand has kept the original recipe of founder Jose Lontoc from the ‘70s. Elar’s is known for its homegrown pigs that naturally have 30% less cholesterol. Cooked with a special type of charcoal that adds a smoky flavor, the succulent meat of Elar’s Lechon retains its tenderness while the pig skin stays crispy for hours. Elar’s chopped lechon ranges from ₱240 to ₱950, while their whole lechon starts at ₱8,300.

Abub’s Cebuana Lechon

Creating this lechon shop in 2002 out of a yearning for the flavors of home, Abub takes pride in the native lechon that allows those who taste it to experience Cebu with every bite. Prepared meticulously and cooked with excellence by master roasters from her hometown, Abub’s lechon is rich and flavorful. You can order this Cebu-style lechon in their shop in Pasig City, with its price per kilo ranging from ₱360 to ₱1,300. The whole lechon, meanwhile, starts at ₱10,000.

Mila’s Lechon

Located in the district dubbed as the Lechon Capital of the Philippines, La Loma in Quezon City, Mila’s Lechon has been a household name since the late 1960s. This joint offers a wide selection of lechon cooked the traditional way in Manila, native Cebu lechon with its spice-riddled taste, cochinillo (prices start at ₱8,000), and boneless lechon belly (prices start at ₱1,500). 

Rico’s Lechon

The traditional Cebu-style lechon of Rico’s is known for its crispy skin, flavorful and tender meat, all roasted to perfection. Rico’s Lechon comes in original and spicy flavors, standing alone without the need for sauces. The price of their whole lechon starts at ₱9,400 but you can also buy the lechon per kilo, ranging from ₱400 to ₱1,420. You can also arrange a pick-up from their commissary in San Juan City. For convenience and accessibility, Rico’s Lechon additionally has frozen lechon food packs that are available in most supermarkets.

Ready to try one of these? Or how about try them all?

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