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Nas Daily: How cheap is the Philippines

If you think traveling in Thailand is cheap, come to the Philippines!

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Quick note: 
I don't think people realize I SAVE money by traveling the world outside of New York City. It almost makes sense to travel. 

And before I lose you, I want to add one more thing. Yes, for people like me living in big cities in the US, these prices are INCREDIBLE. But for locals living in here, these prices are normal, if not expensive (except for the bottles we bought. Everyone agrees that is a GOOD price). So, my hope from making this video is not to pretend all is well and everyone here is buying 30 bottles of brandy (not rum) and going on $15 dates. It is to help people come visit and support the tourism industry in this wonderful country. Economy improves, people earn more money here, and prices go up . And best of all, everyone speaks English, which means everyone is a friend you can enjoy this country with. 

I hope you like this video. We definitely enjoyed making it! Sandy, thanks for offering your place and everyone for being of amazing help in making this video. And Redbull for showing up on a one hour notice to keep us going all night!



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