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Anime and Cosplay Expo FAQ - Globe Help & Support

Anime and Cosplay Expo 2022 Ultimate Otaku Experience FAQ

What is Anime & Cosplay 2022?

Anime and Cosplay Expo (ACX) is a gathering of cosplayers and anime enthusiasts in a fun-filled environment that encourages interaction, camaraderie, and fun.

Globe Sugoi Society is giving the anime fans community a chance to witness and experience the event through the Ultimate Otaku Experience promo.

What can I expect from Anime & Cosplay Expo 2022?

The event will have different activities such as:

  • Cosplay Auction
  • Scene Zone
  • Cosplay Karaoke
  • Cosplay's Got Talent
  • Cosplay Catwalk
  • Exhibit and Fair
  • Meet and Greet with XIAOYUKIKO

How do I join the promo?

To join the promo, you can do any of the following:

  • Globe Prepaid customers: Register to Go+99 via the New GlobeOne app and choose GoANIME as your freebie to get 1 raffle entry
  • Globe Prepaid, Postpaid, HPW, TM and *Globe At Home Postpaid customers: Redeem 1 raffle entry for only 1 Rewards point via the New GlobeOne app. You can redeem up to 5x per day, but you only need to validate your entry once.

*Globe At Home: Redeem 1 Rewards point via GAH Rewards wallet in the New GlobeOne App.

Once done, go to to validate your entry.

I'm a Globe Prepaid customer. If I registered to Go+99 AND redeemed an entry via Rewards, how many times do I need to validate my entries?

You will need to validate your entry every time you register to Go+99 during the promo period. However, you will only need to validate your entry once if you redeemed your entry using your Rewards points.

I'm a Globe At Home customer. How do I redeem my entry using my Rewards points?

Step 1: Download the New GlobeOne app and click on the Rewards tab.

Step 2: Select an offer.

Step 3: Click "Redeem."

Step 4: Go to the View Pocket tab of the app to check your voucher.

How many winners will be selected for the raffle?

Globe, together with a DTI representative witness, will draw 25 winners to win 1-day event access to the Anime & Cosplay Expo 2022. Each winner will win 2 event passes and 2 Meet & Greet passes.

When is the raffle draw?

The raffle draw is on July 14, 2022 at 11 AM via Zoom or Google Meet. It will be conducted in the presence of a DTI representative.

How will I know if I won?

Winners will be informed via email and announced via the official Globe Telecom and Globe Sugoi Society Facebook pages on July 14, 2022.

Woohoo, I won the raffle! How do I claim my prize?

The e-ticket code to the event will be sent to the email you provided at