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Globe At Home Broadband: Bill Discount for Selected Customers - Globe Help & Support

Globe At Home: Discount For Selected Legacy Customers

Why did you adjust my monthly postpaid broadband fee?

It is one of our initiatives to reward our customers for choosing Globe.

Do I have to do anything to activate this adjustment monthly?

The adjustment is done automatically. There is no activation necessary nor hidden additional fees.

For how long can I enjoy this adjustment?

This will be valid for 6 months / 12 months.

*discounts may be removed should there be changes in the plan

Can this be applied for my relative/friend with the same plan?

Unfortunately, this is an exclusive offer for selected customers only.

How was the selection process done?

We based it on different criteria such as current plan, serviceability, and account status.

Will this affect my current plan's speed?

You will still enjoy the same speed we promised upon application.

Can I increase my current plan's speed?

You may upgrade your plan to any of our readily available plans. However, this particular adjustment is only for your current plan.

Will this affect my lock-up period, if any?

The only adjustment is on your monthly fee and/or data allocation.

I received the SMS that I got the bill rebate. How soon will this reflect on my bill?

The rebate will take effect on your next billing cycle.