Free 3 Month Trial Offer FAQs

What is this offer about?

This is a special offer for select pilot customers to experience our newly deployed High - speed fiber broadband in select areas

Who can avail of this special pilot offer?

This special pilot offer will be offered starting May 11, 2018 to select customers in select pilot areas.

What plans are offered for the pilot?

For the pilot launch, we are offering Go Unli Fiber plans with speeds from 5 mbps to 100 mbps.

What do I need to qualify for this offer?

Only customers who are in the serviceable areas and passes the credit checks will be qualified for the promo offer.

Qualified customers have to be willing to pay the upfront modem fee in order for their broadband installation to proceed.

What IDs and documents do I have to provide in order for me to apply for this offer?

Aside from a properly filled up Globe At Home application form, you would also be required to provide copies of one valid government issued ID.

I have been selected for this special offer. What do I need to do next?

If you received an offer letter stating you are qualified to avail of the special promo from Globe At Home, you need to proceed to either the specified events to fill up the application form and order form and submit the documents/ ID required.

The letter given by sales mentioned that I qualify for 3 months waived subscription, what are the mechanics for that?

As part of the pilot customer group, you are qualified to a no lock up unlimited data plan. An advanced payment of P4,500 for the modem fee will be required upon installation and your monthly recurring fee will be waived for 3 months.

Where do I pay th P4,500 Modem fee?

The modem fee will be collected by the installer after the installation has been completed.

Do I have to do anything for Globe during the Free Trial offer?

You'll be asked about your experience during the free period, either through text or email. Your responses will be used as basis for to improve our services and products and ensure we deliver a wonderful experience.

Why are you offering 3 months free?

We're offering 3 months for you experience our new fiber facilities in your area, as well get your feedback from your experience. We'll be checking your experience from time to time, either through email or text.

What if I want to transfer during the 3-month trial period, can I request for transfer of location?

As this offer is available to targeted areas only, there's no guarantee that the location you will be transferring to will be serviceable with the fiber plans similar to what you availed, hence transfer of location will not be feasible.

What happens after the free 3 months have lapsed?

After the 3 months with waived subscription, your monthly recurring fee will convert to the paid subscription.

How much do I have to pay monthly for my unli plans after the trial period?

After the free trial period, you will be charged the regular monthly recurring fee that you initially applied for (ex.Go Unli 1899 20Mbps, Go Unli 2499 50 Mbps, etc).

How can I get a refund?

Before the 15th day after installation, you may request for a refund of the modem fee you paid during installation by calling us and requesting for termination of your broadband account that you have.
You'll then be requested to visit the nearest stores to return the modem and claim the refund.

Will I be reminded of the 15 day return policy?

You'll receive a text message on the 12th / 13th day after the installation, reminding you of the 15 day money back guarantee and the expiration of the modem fee refund.

Do I have to be the one to return the modem or can I send a representative?

Representatives with a copy your valid ID and authorization letter are entitled to claim the modem fee refund on behalf of the subscriber upon returning of the modem, adaptor and upon presenting A.R.

Do I still have to give a 1 month advanced payment for the no lock up no discount offers?

No need for the 1 month advanced payment, the only the modem fee should be paid upfront.

Will I still be eligible for a refund if I terminate my account within the 15 days and return the modem later?

Sorry, but the modem set (including the adaptor) should be returned within the 15 days to be eligible for the refund.

Will I still be eligible for a refund if I terminate my account within the after 15 days?

Sorry, but you'll need to inform us, pay your outstanding balances and return the modem set all within 15 days to avail of the refund.

Does my plan come with free content?

For this special promo offer, the plans do not come with free content. Once they are available, you will be notified on how you can avail of the content along with your Globe At Home plan.

Can I make modifications to my availed plan?

For this special plan offer, changes to your current plan such as upgrades or change of ownership will not be available.

Can I purchase devices?

You cannot purchase your devices as part of your plan during this pilot launch.

Will I get a printed copy of my bill?

By default, electronic bill will be provided to the customers. If a printed will is desired, you would have to request it by calling the hotline. Note that there is a P50 charge per paper bill.

I saw that you have a Globe At Home App, can I download that to manage my account?

For now, the Globe At Home app won't be available for our pilot customers. Once it's already available, we'll let you know.

I have concerns or questions about my trial plan. how do I get in touch with the customer support team?

If you have questions about your plan, you can contact Gie of Globe via Facebook Messenger! Just go to to chat with Gie anytime between 9 AM - 6 PM.

What major changes did you make in the new bill?

The new bill follows the new layout we've incorporated in our postpaid mobile bills which will be easier to read with simpler components.

What are the different sections inside the bill?

For the free trial of the bill, you will see the following:

  • Charges
  • Adjustment
  • Account details

Will other customers use this new bill layout as well?

For now, this latou is only available to pre-selected customers that are part of this pilot program.