Free Speed Boost for Select Customers

I received a message about a free Speed Boost. What is this about?

As we continue to build on our relationship together, we'd also want to build strength in empowering your home with wonderful online experiences. Globe At Home is giving away a free Speed Boost to select Globe At Home customers who were transferred to a better technology.

This is for them to experience faster speed as compared to their regular  subscribed speed.

How many months will this free speed boost be?

Your Speed Boost will be provisioned for the next 3 months.

Who are eligible for this free speed boost offer?

Select customers are eligible for this free Speed Boost. This is based on their current plan, account status, upgradable tech/serviceability and capacity of nearest facility in the area to process their  Speed Boost.

How can I avail of this free speed boost?

Eligible Globe At Home customers will automatically be provisioned. You’ll be notified via text and email.

Will there be any fees or charges in my current plan?

No activation or processing fees are involved in this speed enhancement. Your subscribed Monthly Recurring Fee and data allocation will remain the same. We’ll only be enhancing your current plan speed.

What will my plan speed be with the Speed Boost offer?

You may refer to your billing statement for the provisioned speed boost. However, this is usually double your current subscribed speed.

Will I know when my free Speed Boost is about to end?

You’ll be reminded via text or email comms on the end of your free Speed Boost  on your final month.

What will happen upon expiry of my free Speed Boost?

Upon expiry of your free Speed Boost, your plan speed will revert back to the original subscribed speed.

I also want to increase my data allocation along with this free Speed Boost. Is that possible?

I also want to increase my data allocation along with this free Speed Boost. Is that possible?
You can still avail of a Volume Boost offer by logging into your Globe At Home App.

Why is the Speed Boost not yet reflected in the Globe At Home app?

As this is a special and limited-time offer, your current subscribed plan is the one reflected in the Globe At Home app.'