Free Speed Boost

Globe At Home: Free Speed Boost

What is the FREE 3-month speed boost trial about?

Globe At Home's free speed boost for 3 months will be given to select Globe broadband postpaid customers for them to experience faster speeds. This is best to use for virtual learning and working, HD streaming, and gaming on up to 9 devices. After 3 months, speed will revert to the speed of the original plan. This offer is available to eligible customers only.

Is the FREE 3-month speed boost trial legit?

Yes! You may check your phone's inbox for an official SMS, or your Globe At Home App for an official notification from Globe.

Who is eligible for the FREE 3-month speed boost trial?

Free speed boost promo is available in GPON technology only, and subject to the customers' existing modem and line capability.

How will I know if I am subscribed to the FREE 3-month speed boost trial?

You will receive a text & In-App notification on your 3-month FREE speed boost. This will also reflect on your bill amounting to Php 0.00.

Can I use my FREE 3-month speed boost immediately?

Yes, once you have received the text & In-app notification from us, you can already enjoy your FREE speed boost trial. There's no need to activate or perform extra steps.

Will I be charged once the FREE 3-month speed boost has ended?

No, the FREE speed boost will be automatically deactivated by the system. Customers will be immediately notified on the expiration of the speed boost trial and your GFiber plan will be reverted back to the original speed of subscribed plan.

How long can I experience my FREE speed boost trial?

The FREE speed boost is valid for 3 months  only. After 3 months, you will go back to your regular subscribed speed.

How can I experience my FREE speed boost for a longer period?

For now, our FREE speed boost is available for 3 months. If you wish to continue surfing, streaming, and doing all the things you love with faster speeds, you can upgrade your plan permanently via Globe At Home app at

I received a notification that I can now experience higher speed but, my connection is still slow or it did not change. What should I do?

You can report it through the Help & Support section > Connectivity Issues of the Globe At Home App.

My friend/relative has just received a FREE 3-month speed boost trial, why am I not experiencing the same?

We understand that a better Globe At Home experience is what you need now and we are continuously enhancing our services to meet the broadband needs of our valued customers like you. Our free speed boost trial is currently available for selected customers. Please stay tuned for more announcements.

I'm very much satisfied with my experience with the FREE 3-month speed boost trial. How can I upgrade my plan?

You can upgrade your plan permanently via the Globe At Home app at