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Globe At Home Free Speed Upgrade FAQ - Globe Help & Support

Globe At Home Free Speed Upgrade

I received an SMS that I was upgraded but my speed remained the same. What will I do?

You may not be connected to the most optimal wifi connection. Follow these tips:

>You can connect to your modem via 2 ways.  In connecting to your Wi-Fi, choose 5Ghz connection:

Sample of a normal or 2.4GHz SSID: GLOBEATHOME


>You can also follow this video:

>Make sure you are close to the modem when checking the internet speed.

>If you are using a TP Link Deco Mesh, you may need to increase the maximum speed of your device following these steps:

  1. Open your Deco APP
  2. Click on QoS
  3. Set Application priority to Standard
  4. Remove all high priority devices
  5. Set Bandwidth to 1000MBPS Upload and 1000MBPS Download

What's the difference between 2.4GHz and 5GHz and when do we use it?

2.4GHz is capable of longer distances while 5GHz is capable of higher speeds. 2.4GHz is used if you want a longer range and you are connecting away from your modem. 2.4Ghz can pass through walls even if your modem is in another room. If you need a higher speed and can connect near your modem without any interference, the 5GHz band should be used.

Who can avail of this upgrade?

This speed upgrade is only available to select Globe At Home customers who were notified by text and/or email.

I'm an eligible customer. How do I avail of this upgrade?

No need to worry as this speed upgrade has already been applied to your account.

How will I know the details of the upgrade?

You will receive an email and/or text that will show you the details of your upgrade. Your latest bill statement will also reflect the new plan information.

Will my account details or landline number change after the upgrade?

You'll retain the same account details such as your landline number, account number and bill cut-off date.

Do I need to pay anything for the upgrade?

The upgrade is absolutely free! We want our loyal Globe At Home customers to enjoy a hassle-free, first-world internet browsing experience.

Are there any changes that I should expect in my next bill?

Only the change in plan name and details will reflect on your latest bill.

What will happen to my contract period?

Any remaining lock-up period and device amortization at time of upgrade will be carried over to your new plan.

Will I get additional free content and devices?

No. This plan upgrade only includes faster speed, a lower Monthly Fee, or a  monthly internet allocation.

Will the discount on my plan be applied permanently?

The discount will be permanently applied to your new plan but will not be carried over once you choose to upgrade your plan to other Globe At Home market offered plans.

I have another Globe At Home line under my name. Can I avail of this offer for my other account?

The offer only applies to pre-selected Globe At Home plans.

My friend/relative received a notification on this offer, can I move to these latest plans as well?

The offer only applies to pre-selected Globe At Home plans.

Until when is the effectivity of my new plan? Am I being upgraded only for a limited period of time?

Your plan upgrade is permanent. You may request for an upgrade to a better plan anytime, subject to credit and serviceability check. Please check if you received the same plan upgrade notifications for your other account as well.