Free Speed Upgrade for Select Globe At Home Plans

Who are eligible for this Free speed upgrade offer?

Select customers who are on the latest technology and are capable of a higher speed will be eligible for this FREE speed upgrade.

How long will this free speed upgrade take effect?

The speed upgrade trial will be for 1 month only.

Can I claim this free speed upgrade through other channels (ex. Hotline, Online Portal, Globe Store or etc.)?

No, this speed upgrade offer can only be claimed through the Globe At Home App. Download now and claim your free speed upgrade.

How will I know when my speed has been upgraded?

You will receive an in app notification or message from us once your free speed upgrade has been provisioned.

What will happen to my plan after the 1 month trial period?

You will return to your original subscribed speed after 1 month.

What happens when I upgrade my plan during the trial period?

Once plan has been upgraded, your speed will follow your new subscribed plan.

How can I upgrade my plan?

You may upgrade your plan through the app by heading to “Account Services” and selecting Plan Upgrade. Please be advised that plan is subject to final credit and serviceability checking. 

Why is my new speed not reflected in the dashboard of my Globe At Home App?

Since this is only a promotional trial offer, your original plan account details will still be reflected in your Globe At Home app. Please refer to your inbox to check if you have received a confirmation on your requested speed upgrade.

Will there be additional charges on my plan?

No activation or processing fees are involved in this speed upgrade. Your subscribed Monthly Recurring Fee and data allocation will remain the same. We’ll only be enhancing your current plan speed.

Until what month can I claim my free speed upgrade?

Claiming will only be until April 30, 2020. 3:00 PM.

What if I want to avail of the speed upgrade beyond the said claiming period?

Sorry but claiming will only be accommodated until Apr 30, 2020. Please stay tuned for more promos and updates from Globe At Home. If you wish to upgrade your plan, simply visit "Account Services" and select your chosen plan among the options in the app.