Game E-Pins

What are Game E-Pins for?

Game e-PINs are used to purchase virtual items or act as virtual currency on gaming sites.

How do I get a game e-pin?

You can get a game e-pin as an add-on to your Globe AT HOME plan. It can be one-time or a recurring subscription.

What are the available game e-pins?

E-pins come in different values and prices.

  • Garena – P322 for 300 shells, P540 for 500 shells
  • Steam – P365 for 250 credits, P730 for 500 credits
  • GameClub – P320 for 300 e-coins, P535 for 500 e-coins
  • [email protected] – P330 for LU300, P550 for LU500
  • PlayStation Network US – P650 for US$10 card, P1250 for US$20 card
  • PlayStation Network HK – P705 for HK$80, P1755 for HK$200

Cool! Is there a minimum number of months when subscribing to a recurring game e-pin?

There's no minimum number of months when subscribing to a recurring game e-pin.

Awesome! How will my game e-pin/s be given?

Your e-pin will be sent via email within 48 hours from installation/request, and then every bill cut-off thereafter if you availed of the recurring subscription.

One of my game e-pins is invalid. Can I request for a new one?

Absolutely! You can request this by calling the Globe hotline at (02) 730-1000.

How do I stop my subscription to game e-pins?

You can either call the Globe AT HOME hotline or go to any Globe store to request for the termination of the add-on.

If I'm temporarily disconnected, what will happen to my game e-pin subscription?

You'll not be able to receive your succeeding game e-pins until you settle your account.

I want to know more about the games where I can use these e-pins.

For other inquiries and concerns, contact Gamer Customer Support at (02) 8929999 – available Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 5pm.