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GCash x HomeSurf Promo FAQs

What is the promo?

Get P100 Cashback when you avail HomeSurf199 and up via GCash app. Promo is only applicable for the first HomeSURF transaction within the promo period.

Who can join the promo?

This promo is only applicable to all Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi customers with GCash accounts.

What’s the promo duration?

Promo runs from January 25-February 15, 2018. Transactions have to be completed within the promo period.

Are Globe Postpaid customers qualified?

Globe Postpaid customers are qualified if they have a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi account and a GCash account.

Are Smart, TnT & Sun subscribers customers qualified?

Smart, TnT & Sun subscribers are qualified if they have a Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi account and a GCash account.

What is HomeSURF?

HomeSURF is the range of data promos exclusive to Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi subscribers. For more info, visit

Which HomeSURF variants are included in the promo?

Only HomeSURF199, HomeSURF599, HomeSURF999 and HomeSURF1499 are part of the promo.    

What’s the benefit of loading HomeSURF via GCash vs. other channels?

With GCash app, you’ll get 5% rebate every time you load up your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi account. Aside from that, you’ll get access to different GCash promos that suit your lifestyle (e.g. Buy Load to your Prepaid Mobile number, Pay Bills, Scan to Pay, Send Money, Online Payments).

How do I buy HomeSURF promos via GCash App?

a. Open the GCash app, and log in using your MPIN

b. Once logged in, tap on the Buy Load icon,

c. Enter your Globe at Home Prepaid WiFi number,

d. Look for the “Broadband” tab by swiping the tabs portion towards the left. The “Broadband” tab is found on the rightmost part of the page,

e. Choose the HomeSURF promo that you will avail and click “Next”,

f. Confirm purchase,

g. Receive an SMS regarding purchase.

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How many days will I get my cashback?

You will receive your cashback within 5 working days.  

I still haven’t gotten my cashback. How can I follow up?

Please contact GCash Care Facebook messenger: and email: [email protected], or hotline: 2882.