Globe Streamwatch - Roku Powered

What is Globe Streamwatch?

Globe Streamwatch - Roku Powered, is our latest streaming device that allows you to enjoy enjoy 100+ free channels & your favorite shows across lifestyle, entertainment, sports, education and more, on demand!

No more schedules, no more confusing set ups, no more waiting for your favorite shows.

What are the features of Globe Streamwatch?

Here's some of the features and benefits of Streamwatch :


1. 100+ free channels

2. Portable stick

3. 1080p viewing for better quality experience

4. Easy to use remote control

5. Pre-activated device connected to your account

1. Simple: Easy access to Netflix, YouTube & Disney Channel

2. Portable: Take it with you and plug and play anywhere

3. Searchable: Find your favorite content with ease

Neat! Who can avail of Globe Streamwatch?

Globe Streamwatch is available to new or existing customers on our latest Globe At Home Plans.

How can I avail of Globe Streamwatch?

You can avail of Globe Streamwatch either as an add on to select Globe At Home plans, or as a standalone offer by purchasing them at select stores

For more info on how to avail of a Globe Streamwatch, go here.

For more info on how to avail streaming devices, go here.

Will watching on Globe Streamwatch consume my internet allowance?

Watching or streaming online will consume your Globe At Home internet allowance

How do I set up my Globe Streamwatch?

There really is no set up needed. It's really plug & play! Simply connect your Globe Streamwatch to the HDMI outlet on your TV, then turn on your TV to follow the steps to set up your Globe Streamwatch and that's it!

Will I need to pay for the channels that come with my Streamwatch?

All channels are free within Streamwatch, but you may require a subscription after the free trial.

Can I download or record movies and TV shows?

Globe Streamwatch allows you to stream video and music from the internet and does not download or record movies and TV shows.

Can I watch movies and TV shows without commercial?

Some of the free channels on Globe Streamwatch may have ads however, content such as Netflix do not show ads.

Can I watch movies and TV shows without my cable or satellite subscription?

Yes! Many of the movies and TV shows available on cable or satellite subscription can be accessed via Globe Streamwatch.

Does my Globe Streamwatch have a warranty?

Yes! Your Globe Streamwatch has a 7 day replacement warranty and a 1 year service warranty, care of Intogadgets.
If you are still experiencing problems with your Globe Streamwatch, you can call the Intogadgets hotline at 02-7303749 or 09778399744

*Intogadget hotline is not toll free. Regular call rates will apply.

What do I need to bring for the replacement of my device?

Make sure you bring the warranty card of your device along with the promo certificate of the device and the serial number of your device (written in the back of the stick or outside the retail box), signed upon the delivery of the device before bringing it to the authorized service center.

I want to have my Globe Streamwatch checked. What is the authorized service center?

Our authorized service center is Intogadgets Trinoma, located at the 2nd level of Trinoma mall, in Quezon City Philippines.