How to Load your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Online

Just received your Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi modem? Great! Now, everyone at home can enjoy the best surfing experience thanks to Globe's lightning-fast speed and great area coverage.

As a welcoming treat, your Home Prepaid WiFi comes with 10GB worth of internet allowance. Enjoy your free data to binge-watch on Netflix, play your favorite games, or surf the web. Once it runs out, loading up is easy! You can register to promos for your Prepaid WiFi using regular load, GCash, GlobeOne app.

Here are five different ways to reload your Home Prepaid WiFi. 

I.    GCash App

1. Open the GCash app and enter your PIN.

How to Load Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi using GCash app

2. Select Buy Load and enter your 11-digit prepaid Wi-Fi number. Your Wi-FI number is on the back of your modem (for example, 09662756289).

3. Select Broadband to view the Prepaid Wi-Fi promos available.

4. Select your desired promo and press the Confirm button to start browsing. 

II.    GlobeOne App

How to Load Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi using New GlobeOne app
  1. Open the GlobeOne app. In the dashboard, tap on the shop icon.
  2. Select Promo or Load as your preferred transaction:
  3. Enter your Home Prepaid WiFi number and tap the subscribe button.
  4. Choose your preferred payment method:
    • GCash
    • Credit or Debit card
    • Charge to load
  5. Proceed with the payment process.

III.    AutoLoadMax

1. To load your Home Prepaid WiFi using regular load, go to the nearest store that offers Globe AutoLoadMax.

2. Choose your desired Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi Promo and give your 11-digit prepaid Wi-Fi number located on the back of your modem (for example, 09662756289).

3. Pay and start surfing at home!

Get the Best Surfing Experience with Globe Prepaid WiFi

Having a strong and reliable internet connection is now a necessity. Choose Globe At Home Prepaid WiFi to power your household and let you and your loved ones attend online classes, work from home, stream videos, or play online games lag-free. Visit the Globe Shop for more details and other exciting offers!