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Globe At Home Plan Renewal - Globe Help & Support

Globe At Home Plan Renewals

What is a plan renewal?

A plan renewal means you are able to renew your Globe At Home postpaid plan once you get past your contract period of 24 months. Once renewed, your plan will have a 24-month contract/lock-up period, and will now be eligible for our special plan renewal offers.

Who are eligible for a plan renewal and what are these special plan renewal offers?

These are our current offers and eligible plans. We will continue to come up with more offers and make these available to other plans in the future.

LTE At Home Plan 1299 5/10 MBPS
  • Enjoy additional data with an upgraded monthly internet allowance of 200GB/Month
Select LTE AT Home Plans 
  • Access to the pre-sale of the new Globe Streamwatch 2-in-1 device at a discounted price of P149/month.
  • Free UnliGlobe to Globe/TM Landline Call Bundle for 24 months
LTE At Home Plans Bundled with Super Home Phone
  • Free UnliGlobe to Globe/TM Landline Call Bundle for 24 months

What is a "lock-up period" and what does it mean for my Globe At Home plan?

A lock-up period, also referred to as a plan's "contract," indicates the period of time wherein a request to end or downgrade the plan would incur subsequent fees.

During this period,  the downgrade of your plan would incur 2xMSF in fees, while the closing of your account would amount to a modem fee, two months' worth of your plan's current monthly subscription, plus any outstanding balances or amortization.