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Contents on this page may no longer be updated. To view our updated Globe At Home unli plans, visit the page below:

Globe At Home Go Unli Plans

What are the Globe At Home Go Unli plans?

Globe At Home Go Unli is our latest wired plans offering an unlimited internet allocation.

Who can get a Globe At Home Go Unli plan?

New customers can apply for a Globe At Home Go Unli plan online, in Globe Stores, at local activations and through accredited Globe sales personnel.

Existing customers can also apply for an upgrade via the Globe At Home app. Please note that this is subject to final account and serviceability checking. Only existing customers who are eligible/serviceable to upgrade to unlimited plans will be prompted.

Neat! What plans are available for Go Unli and what do I get?

Here’s a list of our Go UNLI plans. Each plan comes with a free landline with unlimited calls to Globe/TM and unlimited Globe to Globe NDD calls, plus 3 months access to our latest content offers.

*Serviceability varies per area.

**Applicable to new availers only. Unlimited calls to Globe/TM and Globe to Globe NDD calls will not be refreshed for plan upgrades.

***3 months access to content is applicable for plan upgrades if previously unavailed.

**** POFC required for device availment.

I want to get a Go Unli plan but I am on an LTE plan what can I do?

Currently, our Go Unli portfolio are for wired plans. If your area is serviceable by wired plan, then you can get a Go Unli plan!

Do we need to present a Proof of Financial Capacity (POFC) document?

A POFC is required however for plans 2499 and up.

I'm an existing customer. How do I apply for an upgrade to a Globe Go Unli Plan?

Simply download the Globe At Home app from the app store / Google Play, tap "Account Services" from the app drawer then tap "upgrade your plan". If you are eligible, you'll see an option to upgrade to a Go Unli Plan.*

*For plan upgrades with free devices, please expect these to be delivered between August  1 to September 30, 2020. Expect to receive a text message or in-app notification on updates on your device delivery.

I'm eligible for a plan upgrade. Why can't I see this in the app?

Your eligibility for an upgrade may still be undergoing assessment. Eligibility for a plan upgrade is based on different factors, namely:

  • Area of plan availability - Plan availability varies depending on your account's current location address. We're working hard to expand our coverage to more areas.
  • Account Status - Please ensure that your account is valid and you have no overdue balance or pending requests (ex. Volume Boost / content add-ons, Device add-ons) to qualify for a possible plan upgrade.
  • Once we've completed our assessment for your account, you'll be able to see an updated list of eligible plans in the app.

*Please note that all upgrade requests are subject to a final plan availability and credit limit checking for approval.

I applied for an upgrade to a Go Unli plan through the Globe At Home app. What do I do next?

We'll send an email or text acknowledgment to your registered contact details in 24-48 hours.

What happens to my free content when I cancel my trial?

You won't have to pay for your free content as this will be terminated upon opt-out.

Is it true that Go Unli has no data cap?

Yes! Go Unli is an unlimited plan and has no data cap.

Will my browsing speed slow down when I reach a certain threshold?

No, there is no threshold. However, by signing up for Go Unli plans, customers agree to not use the Globe At Home internet service for any Prohibited and Illegal Activities as specified in the detailed policies of the Terms and Conditions.

What are examples of prohibited or illegal activities?

Any activities that are in violation of Philippine laws (e.g. Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 and Anti Child Pornography Act of 2009) and/ or hinder the efficient operation of Globe Telecom, and/ or interfere with the rights of other subscribers and other internet users.

Some common examples of prohibited activities include, but are not limited, to the following:

  1. Using the internet to obtain unauthorized access to any computer, system or network such as hacking, data interference, or any punishable acts defined under RA 10175, or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012.
  2. Accessing, posting, reproducing or disseminating content which may be identified as contrary to law, regulation, industry code of practice, good customs, public morals or policy like materials on sexual violence, drug use, child pornography,etc.
  3. Accessing, posting, producing, reproducing, or disseminating content which violates the copyright or other intellectual property rights of other persons/entities, such as content piracy, or torrents that carry illegal and pirated content.

What will happen when prohibited or illegal activities are committed with the use of Globe At Home Internet?

Globe At Home may suspend or terminate the service even without notice if it is used for any prohibited or illegal activities, as agreed and stated in Globe's Terms and Conditions.