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Globe At Home LTE@Home Plans - Globe Help & Support

Globe At Home LTE@Home Plans

What are your Newest Globe At Home LTE@Home plans?

The latest Globe At Home LTE@Home plans are our wireless plans that have a reliable internet connection that’ll allow you to experience a digital life that’s fit for your home - may it be WATCHING, LISTENING, or PLAYING.

Sounds great! What are included in these plans?

All Globe At Home LTE@Home plan offers come with a free WiFi modem and monthly internet allowance.*

Plans starting at 1299 and above also have a free landline with unlimited calls to any Globe or TM numbers, with 3 months access to our latest content offers.

View the available plans here.

* Globe At Home DSL and LTE Plans have minimum guaranteed connection speeds of 256kbps at 80% minimum service reliability. Upon full consumption of monthly data allowance, basic browsing speed of 256kbps will apply. Subscribe to Globe At Home's volume data boost to enjoy continued browsing at plan speeds.

Why are you introducing new plans with higher internet allowance?

This is our offer to customers who are looking to do more and surf more while online! You can do more of your favorite online activities with our bigger internet allowance every month.

I have an existing plan but want higher data. What are my options?

Qualified customers can get any of our new plans, which offer a higher Internet allowance.

If your area is not yet serviceable by our latest plans, you can also take advantage of our Volume Boost offer to increase your Internet allocation for the month.

Can I upgrade to the new Globe AT Home LTE@Home plans?

Yes, as long as you follow the eligibility guidelines, you can upgrade to our latest plans.

To upgrade, simply download the Globe At Home app from the app store / Google Play, tap "Account Services" from the app drawer then tap "upgrade your plan". If you are eligible, you'll see an option to upgrade to our latest plans.

If I upgrade my plan now to the latest Globe AT Home LTE@HOme plans, will my data be immediately refreshed?

Yes. You'll enjoy the features of the new plan once it has been applied to your account which is 2 to 3 days upon your confirmation.

Can I purchase devices?

You can purchase devices once your broadband subscription reaches its 6th month. By then, you may avail add-on devices using the Globe At Home app.