What is HomeWATCH

HomeWATCH new set of promos for Home Prepaid WiFi that gives generous daily GBs for videos!

Who can register to HomeWATCH?

All Globe Home Prepaid WiFi or XTreme Prepaid WiFi users can register to HomeWATCH.

What are the available variants?


Up to 34GB

(6GB + 4 GB Daily Videos)

7 DaysP199

Up to 75GB

(15GB + 4 GB Daily Videos)

15 daysP599

Up to 140GB

(20GB + 4 GB Daily Videos)

30 daysP999

Up to 200GB

(80GB + 4 GB Daily Videos)

30 daysP1499

How do I register to HomeWATCH?

You can load any HomeWATCH promos via:

Which video content partners are included in the 4GB daily for HomeWATCH?

You may use the 4GB of videos daily for HomeWATCH when streaming from:

  • YouTube
  • Netflix
  • iFlix
  • TikTok
  • NBA
  • Viu
  • VLive

When will I get the +4GB Daily for Videos?

The free +4GB Daily of YouTube will be seeded to your account upon first internet usage of the day and will expire the same day on 11:59PM.

My GB Allocation already ran out but I still have validity left for my HomeWATCH. Will I still get the free +4GB Daily for Videos?

Yes, as long as you have validity left in your HomeWATCH Promo, you can still get the free +4GB Daily for Videos.

Can I register to a HomeWATCH Promo while I’m registered for another?

Yes, when you're registered to another promo like HomeSURF, you can also register for HomeWATCH. However, these promos will not add together.