Spotify for Globe AT HOME

What is Spotify?

Spotify is the world's most loved music streaming app. It allows you to stream over 30 million songs, create and share playlists, and follow your favorite singers and bands.

The premium version (Spotify Premium) lets you play any song, anytime. You can even listen when you're offline. No restrictions. No ads.

That's cool! How do I get Spotify?

You can get Spotify Premium as an add-on to your Globe AT HOME plan for only P129/month.

How do I access my Spotify Premium account?

  • Go to register your Spotify account with Globe.
  • Enter your birthday and email address. This should match the details on your application form.
  • Connect Globe to your Spotify account by clicking the "Log In to Spotify" button.Enter your Spotify account username and password then click "Log In". If you're a first-time Spotify user, sign up for an account by clicking "Sign Up".
  • Upon log in, connect Globe to your Spotify account by clicking the "Allow" button.

You are now ready to enjoy limitless music with Spotify! Visit on your browser or download the Spotify app on your computer or mobile device

What email address should I use to register for my Spotify account?

Your email address should match the one in your broadband application form.

If I'm unable to register my email address, can I still use Spotify after my bill cut-off date?

Yes, you can register your email address anytime even after your bill cut-off date.

I've already registered my email address but I can't still access Spotify Premium. Can I register the same email address again?

Yes, you can try registering the same email address again after three (3) hours.

Where can I access Spotify?

After you've registered your Spotify account with Globe, you can access Spotify via web browser or app.

How many devices can I use with my subscription? Can I use them at the same time?

You can use five (5) different devices but you can only access Spotify from one (1) device at a time.

I availed of the Spotify Premium add-on. Will this renew automatically every month?

Yes, your subscription will renew every month until you stop your subscription.

How do I stop my Spotify Premium P129 add-on?

You can either call the Globe hotline at (02) 7301000 or go to any Globe store to request for the termination of the add-on.

It's already the 2nd month of my subscription, do I need to register my email address again?

No, email registration is only a one-time step. You can enjoy your Spotify Premium account as long as you're subscribed to your home broadband plan. For add-ons, you'll continue enjoying your account as long as you haven't stopped your subscription.

What is the validity of my subscription?

Your Spotify Premium is valid as long as you're subscribed to the main plan or add-on.

Is there a minimum number of months when subscribing to the Spotify Premium add-on?

There's no minimum number of months when subscribing to the add-on.

If I use up all my data allowance for the month, will I still be able to use Spotify with another internet connection?

You'll still be able to use your Spotify with any internet connection or device.

I'm using a US iTunes/Google Play Store account. How come my credentials are said to be invalid?

We're sorry, but credentials will only work with a Philippines iTunes or Google Play Store account.

I am an existing Globe AT HOME customer and my current plan comes with free and unlimited access to Spotify Premium. Are you going to charge me P129/month moving forward?

There's no need to worry! You'll continue to enjoy your current access to Spotify Premium as long as you stay on your current plan.

I already have a Spotify Premium account using the same email address in my application form. Can I still register the same email address at the Spotify-Globe page?

If you want to use the same email account, you need to unsubscribe your existing Spotify Premium account and proceed with the step-by-step process detailed above.

My internet connection got temporarily disconnected because of unpaid balance. Can I still use my Spotify account?

Your Spotify Premium subscription will also be temporarily disconnected until you settle your balance. You need to register again at 24 hours after settlement.