Globe At Home Streaming Device Add-ons

What is the Globe At Home streaming device add-on offer?

Globe At Home customers can now avail of special streaming devices as add-ons to their latest plans, or as a standalone by purchasing them at select Globe stores.

What are streaming devices?

Globe At Home streaming devices give you access to movies, music, photos, games, news, sports and more by simply connecting to your TV's HDMI port.

Who can enjoy streaming devices?

Both New and Existing Globe At Home customers with the latest Globe At Home plans can avail of streaming devices as add-ons.

You can also make a standalone purchase from stores.

What streaming devices are currently offered?

Currently we are offering the ChromecastAndroid TV and Globe Streamwatch. You can avail of these either as part of select Globe At Home plans, or as a standalone if bought in stores. 

How do I avail of the streaming device add-on?

You can avail of the them as part of an add-on to your Globe At Home plan, or as a standalone offer if bought in stores.
Here's the prices below:

DevicesChromecastAndroid TV Box (Mi Box)Globe Streamwatch - Roku Powered
AvailabilityAvailable now nationwideAvailable now nationwide (as of May 1, 2017)Available now nationwide (as of October 24, 2017)
Price (with Plan)P100/month for 24 months Charge to BillP150/month for 24 months Charge to BillP100/month for 24 months
Standalone Price: (via stores only)P2,400P3,600P2500
*Only available for existing Globe At Home customers

What areas will these be streaming devices be available?

Streaming devices are now currently available nationwide.

What plans can avail of the streaming device as an add-on?

Availing of a streaming device as an add-on is available for Globe At Home Plans 1199 and up. You can simply add the device as part of your base plan, payable in 24 months!

Will watching on these devices consume my internet allowance?

Watching or streaming will consume your Globe At Home internet allowance.

How many devices can I purchase?

You can purchase as many devices as your credit limit allows by visiting a Globe Store.

I don't have a Globe At Home plan eligible for a streaming add-on. Can I still avail of the device?

Sure! Simply visit select Globe stores where Globe At Home streaming devices are offered as a standalone and purchase them via cash or credit card.

Globe At Home streaming devices are best enjoyed with the latest internet plans with faster speeds for an optimized streaming experience. To check if you are qualified for a plan upgrade, go here.

How will the device be delivered?

For Chromecast and Android TV, this will be delivered to your address the same day as the installation of your Globe At Home line. If you're an existing customer, this will be sent to you by our courier.

For Globe Streamwatch, the device will be delivered alongside the installation of their modem/ broadband, or delivered to you by if you purchased online.

Who can receive the device from the courier/installer?

For new customers, only the listed customer can receive the device. If he/she is not present during the installation then the installer will have to reschedule the installation.

For existing customers, an authorized representative may get the device as long as he/she provides an authorization letter with a photocopy of the listed plan owner's ID, and show the actual ID to the installer.

How will I know when my device will be delivered?

For new customers:

Your Android TV, Globe Streamwatch and Chromecast, will be given during installation of your Globe At Home line.

For existing customers:

Your Android TV, Chromecast or Globe Streamwatch can be delivered by the installer if you have a scheduled installation, or via courier if purchased online.

How can I change my delivery schedule?

You'll need to contact the courier who called for initial scheduling of the delivery to request for rescheduling.

How many attempts will the courier give the customer?

The courier will make 3 attempts in contacting, scheduling and delivering the device. If after 3 attempts the device has still not been delivered, this forfeits your device and you will not be charged.

What will the courier accept as payment?

The courier will only accept cash for the upfront or full payment.

Will I have to prepare exact amount?

Preferably yes, the courier may or may not bring change.

Can the customer get an authorized representative to claim the device on his/her behalf?

Only existing customers can have an authorized representative claim the devices on their behalf.

Can I cancel my delivery upon delivery of item?

If the device package is still not opened, you can tell the courier to cancel the order. Once the package has been opened or tampered with, it is already good as sold.