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Landline Basic Troubleshooting | Help & Support | Globe

Globelines Basic Troubleshooting


If you have no dial tone or you hear static noises on your phone, check all the cable connection up to telephone line socket to make sure there are no loose connections. Checking this yourself will help you find out where the problem might be coming.

Also, ensure that all the necessary line cords are properly plugged into your phone's jack.


Help! Everytime I attempt to make a call, all I hear is a busy tone.

Is the call local or National Direct Dialing (NDD)? If NDD, double check if your phone lock is unlocked. If it's locked, just call our hotline if you wish to add an NDD access.

If your phone lock is active but locked, then you should unlock it. If it's both active and unlocked, call our hotline and ask for a test call.

If it's a local call, validate if the call is part of Globe's Interconnection list.


What should I do if I keep hearing a continuous dial tone?

The first thing that you must do is to check if your telephone's handset is properly laid in place.


Why am I only hearing one ring or sometimes no ring at all? I'm using a caller ID-type phone.

Maybe the batteries are discharged. Keep in mind that low batteries can cause your caller ID phone to produce a single ring/no ring and keypad problems. Try replacing it with a new set of batteries.

I have a basic phone unit but still, I can only hear a single ring.

If this is the case, try adjusting the volume of your telephone's ringer. It might be set too low


I'm experiencing choppy and grounded calls. Can you tell me what to do?

Are you using a Globe extension line? If yes, try unplugging the extension line and check if you will still experience the same problem.

I'm not using an extension line but I still keep getting noisy lines and robotic calls. Why is that so?

Perhaps the reception has something to do with it. If, while making or receiving an international call, all you get is a choppy/robotic line, then that means you have poor reception issues, probably due to distance.


Help! The person on the other line can't hear me. What should I do?

Before doing anything else, try to determine the following first:

  • Since when did you encounter this kind of problem?
  • Are you calling a mobile or an international number?
  • Are you experiencing this issue in incoming calls? Outgoing? Or both?
  • Have you previously dropped the handset accidentally?
  • Have you noticed any loose connection in the telephone?


I can't receive any incoming calls. What should I do?

First, check if your telephone has a dial tone. If you can't hear any dial tone, check your cable wire connection up to telephone line socket and make sure there are no loose connections. Also ensure that the line cord is properly connected to your handset.

If your phone has a dial tone, try checking the ringer volume. Adjust the ringer volume and place it in the middle portion or higher.

I've checked both the dial tone and the ringer, but I still can't get incoming calls.

Maybe your call forwarding feature is currently enabled. If this is so, try to disable it and observe if there will be any changes. If you don't have a call forwarding feature, just try checking if the calling party is Local, International, or NDD.

What will I do next after checking the calling party?

If the calling party is from an international location, check the caller's dial procedure and carrier abroad. This is because there is a possibility that the carrier of the caller is not interconnected with Globe Landline.

If the calling party is from a local area, verify if your caller is outside the local area or is using a mobile phone. If outside the area/NDD, validate with him/her if he/she is using the correct area code.

It may also be possible that the signal is weak due to location. So if your caller is using a mobile phone, ask him/her to move to an area with a better signal.


I'm a postpaid user. Why can't I make outgoing calls?

Can't make a call? Here's what you can do:

  • Check the type of calls that you are initiating
  • Make sure you're using the correct dialing procedure
  • Double check if your phone lock is enabled
  • Check if your telephone's keypad is working
  • Verify if there's a voice prompt
  • Check if features are provided

I'm a Prepaid user and I can't make any outgoing calls. Can you tell me what to do?

Here are some ways to resolve your problem:

  • Check if you have enough load balance to make a call.
  • Be sure that you're using the correct access code.
  • Check the keys in your keypad to make sure they're all working

There is only a specific number that I can't call. Why is that so?

It is possible that there is an interconnection problem. Try double checking if your phone lock is enabled. If the phone lock is active but locked, unlock it. If it's both active and unlocked, call our hotline and ask for a test call.