Eight-digit Number Format for Landlines and DUO FAQs

What is the NTC Memorandum Circular 4-07-2018 about?

The directive by the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) ordering all telecommunications companies in the Philippines to migrate all telephone numbers with "02" area code from the existing 7-digit format to an 8-digit format has been deferred to October 6, 2019.

This is to give local banks and credit card companies ample time to prepare for the change. The date for the migration was initially set on March 18, 2019.

Are all telecommunications companies in the Philippines complying with the new directive?

All telecommunications companies in the Philippines are covered by the NTC directive.

Which customers are affected by the memorandum? Will this affect my number if I'm outside the (02) area code?

The NTC memorandum circular applies to all telephone numbers within the specified area code “02.”

Customers outside these (02) area codes aren't covered by the NTC memo and will continue to use their existing 7-digit number format.

Why are we migrating to an 8-digit numbering format for telephone numbers within the (02) area code?

This is to address the insufficient number of assignable exchange codes.

What is a Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) identifier?

A Public Telecommunication Entity (PTE) identifier is a prefix assigned by the NTC to a particular telco/service provider to preserve order and quickly identify to which company a number belongs.

NTC has assigned the following Public Telecommunications Entity (PTE) identifiers:

Identifier Company
3000-YYYY to 3499-YYYYBayan Telecommunications, Inc.
7XXX-YYYYGlobe Telecom, Inc/Innove Comm Inc.
5300-YYYY to 5799-YYYYETPI/Telecomm Tech Phils Inc.
6000-YYYY to 6699-YYYYABS-CBN Convergence, Inc.

How will I identify the network of the landline I’m calling?

PTE Identifier to be added at the start of the landline/DUO
First 3 digits of landline/DUO
GLOBE/INNOVE(02)+7210-219, 238-239, 265-266, 358, 368-369, 473, 482, 500-509, 576-577, 585-587, 616-618, 621-625, 717-720, 728-730, 738-739, 744-748, 750-759, 791-799, 900-910, 914-919, 933-934, 940, 943-946, 949-950, 954-960, 964, 966, 968, 970, 971-976, 978, 980, 987, 989
BAYANTEL(02)+3220-224, 226, 228, 262, 377-394, 406-419, 427-428, 430-440, 443-450, 453-456, 469, 474, 480-481, 483-493, 495, 497-499
ETPI/TELECOM TECH PHILS. Inc.(02)+5300-329, 335-339, 629, 760-769
PLDT/DIGITEL(02)+8208-209, 230-237, 240-260, 267-299, 330-334, 340-348, 350-357, 359-367, 370-376, 395-405, 420-423, 425-426, 429, 441-442, 451-452, 457-465, 470-479, 510-536, 541-575, 578-584, 588-589, 620, 626-628, 630-643, 645-647, 650-664, 666-669, 671-672, 681-684, 687-689, 691-693, 695-698, 700-716, 721-727, 731-737, 740-743, 749, 770-790, 800-899, 911-913, 920-932, 935-939, 941-942, 947-948, 951-953, 961-962, 967, 981-986, 988, 990-999
ABS-CBN(02)+6225, 227, 261, 263-264, 349, 466-468, 494, 496, 610-615, 619

To reach these numbers, callers from abroad should still follow the international dialing format:

+    country code   area code landline/DUO number

00    country code area code landline/DUO number

Where +  or 00 is the international call prefix

63 is the Philippines’ country code

2 is the area code

77301000 is the landline in the 8-digit format

Ex.: +63277301000

When will the migration to an 8-digit number format happen?

The scheduled migration as agreed amongst NTC and the telecom providers is set on October 6, 2019, from 12:01 AM - 5 AM.

What will happen during the migration? What services will be affected?

On October 6, 2019, from 12:01 AM - 5 AM, all telephone numbers with 02 area code, including DUO, will experience a service interruption in their incoming and outgoing calls.

Specifically, the voice services for landline, voice over IP (Internet Protocol), Super Home Phone, DUO and emergency numbers will be affected during this period.

Internet connection will remain uninterrupted.

Those outside the (02) area code won’t experience the service interruption.

What happens after the migration?

After the migration, landline/DUO numbers within the (02) area code will now follow the 8-digit format.

To call a Globe landline or DUO number in the (02) area code, you’ll have to add 7 after the area code. For Bayan landlines, add 3 after area code.


Dialing procedure before the migration: 

  • Globe - 027301000
  • Bayan - 024831000

Dialing procedure after the migration:

  • Globe - 0277301000
  • Bayan - 0234831000

If someone in the country happens to dial your old 7-digit number, they’ll hear an in-call voice reminder to add the necessary prefix, which is either 7 or 3.

If someone in the country happens to dial your old 7-digit number, they’ll hear an in-call voice reminder to add the necessary prefix, which is either 7 or 3. 

How will Globe inform their customers of this change?

Globe will continue to make use of the following channels - hotline, social media, media announcements, email, and text - to generate an awareness campaign  to the general public at least 3 months before the migration.

Will # number services be affected? What about international/domestic toll-free services?

During the activity on October 6, 2019, from 12:01 AM -5 AM, your #XXXXX will experience a service interruption anytime from 12 AM - 5 AM. After the activity, your #Number will retain its current dialing pattern

Ex. #87000 after October 6, 2019 will still be #87000.

The same goes for all international/domestic toll-freenumbers using 1800-xxx as its dialing pattern.

Would there be any changes that need to be made on our PABX System when this is implemented?

Yes, there is. You have to configure your PABX system's outbound line number to accept the new 8-digit landline format for the (02) area code.

My old number is in my business cards, flyers, marketing materials. How will I inform my customers/friends about the new number?

The new number will be implemented on October 6, 2019. We're informing you ahead of time so you can update your contact materials in time for the change and inform those within your personal and professional circle accordingly. Also, starting October 6, 2019 until January 5, 2020 - a period of three months - those who will call your old number will be able to hear an in-call voice recording on how to properly get in touch with you.

Will this affect my "special/golden" number?

Since this is a government mandate, all "golden and special" numbers in the (02) area code will follow the new number format.

I want to complain about this government mandate, where can I send my formal complaint?

This mandate was given by the National Telecommunications Commission, any complaints regarding this can be emailed to them directly at [email protected]