About My Shopping Box (MSB) FAQs

What is My Shopping Box (MSB)?

My Shopping Box or MSB is an online package-forwarding service that provides cost-effective shipping solutions for online shoppers and merchants.

It provides a personalized US address where packages can be forwarded to. It also provides flexible shipping options by air or sea, depending on the online shopper's needs.

Do I need to pay the $25 MSB annual fee?

No need! This fee is waived for all GCash American Express Virtual Pay customers.

Can I track my online purchases?

Yep! MSB has an online tracking system that lets you check the status of your package anytime.

Great! How can I monitor my online purchases?

To monitor your transactions, just check your enrolled email address. Online sites and MSB send email updates of your online transactions.

I received an email from My Shopping Box telling me that my purchases have already arrived at my personalized U.S. address. What do I do next?

Here's what to do:

Step 1: Click the link in your email to view the total shipping charges and authorize the shipment. You may choose to have your package shipped via air or sea freight.

Step 2: Click "Authorize Shipment".

Step 3: Enter your local shipping address.

Step 4: Choose "American Express" as your mode of payment, and then enter your Virtual Pay card details.

I already received an email saying that my item has arrived but it's not showing up on my MSB dashboard. Why is this?

After your receive an email from MSB informing you that your package has arrived, please allow 2-3 working days for them to settle export formalities and deliver to your doorstep.

Okay. Can I return, exchange, or get refunded for my purchase if I change my mind?

Sorry, but MSB services do not accept returns and exchanges of purchased items. But if you really need to return the item, you can make arrangements with the merchant yourself.

Will insurance be provided for my purchases?

Yup! Insurance coverage is provided by MSB for the first $100 of the declared value of your purchase. You have the option to pay for additional insurance coverage over the $100.

For a more comprehensive guide on insurance coverage for your package, click here.

Do I need to pick up my item from the postal office?

No need! MSB will deliver your package straight to your doorstep.

Are there customs or tax charges on top of the shipping charge?

As part of its service, MSB will handle customs formalities in the Philippines. Customs processing fees, taxes, and cargo terminal handling fees are already included in your shipping fee.

How long does shipping take to the Philippines?

Shipping from your personalized U.S. address to the Philippines takes 7-10 working days if you ship by air freight, and up to 40 working days if by sea.

How much is the shipping charge?

The shipping charge is computed based on the product's chargeable weight (actual gross weight or dimensional/volumetric weight, whichever is higher). This is automatically computed by MSB once the package is received in the U.S. The total amount will then be uploaded to your MSB account.

Remember that you will have to authorize the shipment online to confirm charging the amount to your GCash American Express Virtual Pay, before MSB will ship it to the Philippines.

To get more information on how to compute for your chargeable weight, you can go to this link.

Will I pay additional charges if I have my item delivered to my home address?

Nope. You will only be charged once for shipping. This fee already includes delivery to your Philippine home address and other customs charges.

I have other questions regarding My Shopping Box. What is MSB's customer hotline?
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