Exploring the GlobeOne app and features you can do!

What are the main features of the app?


What can I do now with GlobeOne?

Easily manage your GlobeOne app account with all these current features:



  • Requirements to be able to proceed for Postpaid Mobile Buy Add-ons:
    • Not temporary disconnected
    • Have enough credit limit and spending to avail.
    • No pending order/ticket.
  • Requirements to be able to proceed for Globe At Home Postpaid Buy Volume/Data Boost:
    • Did not exceed the maximum stack limit of 40 volume boost
    • Have enough credit limit to avail.
    • No pending order.
  • Available Payment Methods (depending on the type of Promo/Add-ons/Volume/Data Boost):
    • Charge to Load
    • Credit Card/Debit Card
    • GCash
    • Pay via Bank Transfer
    • E-Wallet (Shopee, Pay Maya, and Grab Pay)


  • View Data, Content, Call, Text Usage Status - The app will show the date and time of the data utilization. For a more accurate view of your data allocation, pull down to refresh your dashboard or check back 30 minutes after your last usage.
  • View Postpaid Account Status - It includes the following information:
    • Overdue bill (know if you’re past due already)
    • Bill due date
    • Active, inactive, or disconnected
  • View Plan Details - It includes the following information:
    • Plan information
    • MSF
    • Cutoff Date
    • Contract End Date
    • Spending Limit


  • Auto- reconnection will be processed for full payment. You can follow up reconnection if auto-reconnection is not yet complete after 24 hrs via HELP section of the app
  • There is no capability yet in the GlobeOne app to change Plan / customer details. You need to tap HELP then Make account changes to have your details updated in our system

Make sure to use the GlobeOne app to know the additional functionalities that are currently being built and soon will be readily available. For any assistance about account requests and other concerns, you may tap the HELP button at the bottom part of the dashboard in the app

Can I update my Postpaid/ Globe At Home account information via GlobeOne?

Yes! You can now update your Globe At Home account’s email and contact mobile number in the app by following these steps:


Note: You can update each contact information (Email or Contact number) once every 30 days.

If I updated my Globe At Home account contact information, will this also update my billing details?

The update of your email and contact information will not reflect changes in your billing information. 

Make sure all information are your current mobile number and email since these information will be used for the following transactions that you might need:

  • Installation and repair request
  • Any Globe related aftersales concerns
  • Any marketing or advisory
  • GlobeOne app access [OTP]
  • Content availment that needs to email activation link (Disney+ and Netflix)

The update may take awhile for it to reflect in the app. Kindly wait for at least 4 hours and check again. If information is still not updated, perform a basic app troubleshooting:

  • Check if there is a strong network connection. 
  • Check if the app version is updated.

For Android users:

  • Delete the app
  • Clear the cache by going to Settings > App Management> GlobeOne > Data Usage > Clear Cache then download the app again, kindly wait for 10 mins before trying to login again.  

Where can I check/edit my plan details?

Go to the main page of your account details then tap “View Details”. It will show your plan details, personal information, and address. If you wish to change any details, kindly message us at m.me/globeph or tap the HELP icon and we’ll be glad to assist you with your request. 

I received a notice from the app that my account is currently active from another device. What does this mean?

The app can't be used on multiple devices simultaneously to prevent fraud activities. You need to logout on the other device to continue or make sure it is inactive for more than 10 mins.