How do I buy a load/promo?

To buy load/promo, follow these steps:


As a Retailer partner, how can I buy load?

  1. Go to the Buy Load section that can be seen in the main GlobeOne app dashboard.
  2. Tap “Retail”. Make sure you do this instead of “Personal”.
    • If your account is not a retailer sim, the app will inform you that the “Retailer” section is for retailer accounts only.
    • Tap “Select a Retailer Account” to open account selection and select retailer account.
  3. Enter or choose load denomination and then tap “Buy Load”.
  4. Choose a Payment Method GCash, Credit Card/Debit Card, Pay via Bank Transfer, E-Wallets ( Shopee, Pay Maya, and Grab Pay)
  5. You will go through the standard payment  process depending on the payment method selected.
  6. Once successful, the app will inform you through a confirmation page..
  7. Tap the Done button to end the transaction.
  8. For GCash payments, a text message will be sent to confirm deduction from the GCash account.

I purchased a load but It did not reflect in my account. What should I do?

If the load availed is not reflecting in the account load balance, try to do the following:

  1. Check if the load was successfully availed. You can do this by:
    • Checking if GCash or Credit
    • Card/Debit Card were deducted.
    • Checking through *143 and do load balance inquiry.
  2. Ensure that you have a good internet connection so that the app is getting updated information.
  3. Try to refresh the app by pulling the screen down. This will reload the page.
  4. Check if the app is updated. Go to the Play Store, App Store, or AppGallery and update your app.

If issues still persist, go to Help Page at and tap “Load, promos, and rewards concerns”. This will direct you to Globe Messenger where Globe can assist you on your concern.

Can I pay other bills?

Absolutely! You can view your bills payment details in the app as well as pay using our online payment channels GCash, Credit Card/Debit Card, Pay via Bank Transfer, E-Wallets ( Shopee, Pay Maya, and Grab Pay)

 The following are readily available:

  • Current bill amount.
  • Advance amount paid (if any).
  • Bill due date.
  • Notification if your bill is overdue, will be due soon, already paid, or the account is disconnected.
  • Mobile Postpaid Bills payment details (Official Receipt) and statements can be viewed up to the last 24 months ( For beyond 24 months, you may use the GlobeOne app or send us a message at This will feature will soon be available to Globe At Home customers


  1. Temporary disconnection status due to lost SIM/out of the country for Globe Postpaid or Transfer of location for Globe At Home will be included soon.
  2. For Bills payment, once you have completely paid your bill, you can no longer see the current bill statement. For Postpaid Mobile however, you can still view the bills payment (Official Receipt) and bills statement in the history page. For Globe At Home, you can view your previous bill using the old GlobeOne app until it is decommissioned.
  3. For billing concerns, under the history page of the bill statement/payment tab, a "Ask for help" button is readily available. Tap the button and you’ll be redirected to the Globe messenger who will assist you with your concern.
  4. To know more about GlobeOne payment options click here.

For other bills, we added cashless transactions to provide a more convenient and easy way to pay. You just go to the billers page by tapping the “More” icon and the “Pay other billers”.  On the billers page, tap “View All”. The app will show all non-Globe billers available. Currently, you can only use GCash as a payment method.

In case you need assistance, go to MORE section found on the bottom part of the main GlobeOne app dashboard then tap the HELP icon. You will be directed to Facebook Messenger where we can help you.

How to request /download for OR?

You may download a copy of OR if payment is within 24 hours, for more than 24 months, you can use the GlobeOne app then tap HELP icon or send a request at

Note that Your first download of your OR serves as your original receipt. For succeeding monthly billing statements, ORs will be considered as a reprint copy. The app will notify the user that the copy is a reprinted OR.  

As of today, Globe Postpaid, Platinum, Globe Business, Postpaid MyFi customers can download OR. For more than 24 months OR copy requests for Globe At Home, Globe Business Broadband, you can use the GlobeOne app then tap HELP icon or send a request at

In case I'm having trouble with my app connections/transactions and accidentally close the page while paying, whom can I coordinate to ask for assistance?

If you accidentally closed the page while the payment was being processed, the transaction will most likely push through. Kindly check your GCash or bank account if no deduction was made. If none, you may try again. 

You may coordinate with others channels of Globe at . For your payment issues, please contact GCash/bank support hotline to assist you.

In case you got the following error messages: "It wasn't processed/Please contact your issuing bank, please make sure that you have enough credit limit or account balance before making a payment. Contact your issuing bank if the issue persists.