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Can’t download the GlobeOne app. What should I do?

Make sure you have a stable internet connection when using the app. 

Try to refresh the app by closing the app or reinstalling then installing it again via App Store, Play Store or App Gallery.

For phone versions, you can use iOS 14.0 and above and 5.0 and above for Android. Huawei users can download the app in App Gallery with no minimum version requirements.

If the app still can’t be downloaded, you may contact us at

I’m getting “Please sign up using a mobile phone number”/ “Something went wrong”?


Ensure that you are on the latest version of the app. Note that Home Prepaid WiFi numbers or MyFi numbers are not accepted as a login number. Please use an alternative mobile number wherein the nominated number will receive an OTP. 


Refresh your dashboard by swiping down the screen. If the issue persists, please refresh your app and try again at a later time. 

I can’t view my bill?

To view your latest bill, tap your account card (the section with your balance, mobile number, and usage), my transaction, and bill statements. Click view PDF bill to view your bill. 


For Globe At Home customers, only the current month’s bill will be reflected.

I ported from Postpaid to Prepaid/Prepaid to Postpaid but my GlobeOne still shows my previous account?

You can try to delete your account in GlobeOne then add it back again. This is to refresh your account card and will show your updated account type.

I can’t remove my account in my GlobeOne app?

To remove your account, tap your account card, and select the gear or settings icon (⚙) on the upper right section, then press remove this account.


I’m adding my account but couldn’t receive my OTP?

Make sure that you have a strong cellular network signal to receive the OTP. You may click resend again or try again after 24 hours. 

For Globe At Home customers, check if your mobile number or email address associated with your account is updated. If you wish to update it, go to m.me/globeathome and click ‘make account changes’.

How to access HELP using GlobeOne?


What HELP transaction can I raise using GlobeOne?

  • Submit bill inquiry
  • Reconnect my line
  • Report connection issues
  • Make account changes
  • Load,promos and rewards concerns
  • Others

To know our other channels, you may visit Contact Us page

Why can't I access the GlobeOne app?

Make sure you have a stable internet connection when using the app and that you are on the latest app version.Frequent app updates are triggered to ensure that you have the best GlobeOne app experience. This is also to improve functionality features while addressing existing issues, such as bugs and crashes

Help! I forgot my PIN, what can I do/request to reset password

On the page where you need to enter your 6-digit PIN, tap “Forget PIN?”. You will then receive OTP to verify your mobile number and then proceed to nominate a new PIN.

What should I do if I encounter an error when registering my Home Prepaid WiFi account?

You can still register your Home Prepaid WiFi account manually through a one-time PIN by tapping "Try adding account manually" in the error notification page. Retrieve your one-time PIN through the Home Prepaid WiFi Dashboard menu. Check your Inbox and use the one-time PIN sent to register your account. You can access the Home Prepaid WiFi inbox by tapping “Go to my Modem Inbox”.