Globe TravelCare FAQs

What is Globe TravelCare?

With the new Globe TravelCare, you can now enjoy protection from common travel inconveniences and medical expenses for FREE!

You mean I can now travel worry-free? Wow! Who provides this insurance cover?

Globe TravelCare, the travel insurance especially designed for Globe customers, is underwritten by Insurance Company of North America (ACE Insurance).

Who is Insurance Company of North America (ACE Insurance)?

ACE in the Philippines is a member of the ACE Group of Companies®, a global leader in insurance and reinsurance serving a diverse group of clients. Headed by ACE Limited (NYSE:ACE), a component of the S&P 500 stock index, the ACE Group conducts its business on a worldwide basis with operating subsidiaries in more than 50 countries and a strong presence in Asia Pacific.

ACE's core operating insurance companies are rated AA- for financial strength by Standard & Poor's and A+ by A.M. Best. This rating is indicative of ACE's strong capital base and financial stability; key attributes in the business of risk.

Operating in the Philippines for more than 60 years, ACE delivers specialized and customized coverage for Casualty, Marine, Financial Lines, Property and Accident & Health. In each area of specialty, ACE leverages global expertise and local acumen to create tailored solutions to mitigate client risk. With a focus on building strong relationships by offering responsive service, ACE Philippines has carved a niche for itself as one of the leading direct marketing providers of Accident & Health insurance.

Who is ACE Travel Insurance?

ACE Travel Insurance is a division of the ACE Group of Companies®. It is among the world leaders in the provision of travel insurance products, services and technology solutions.

How do I get covered under Globe TravelCare?

The FREE travel insurance coverage is exclusively provided by Globe to roaming customers who avail of Roam UnliSurf, Roam Unli Call & Text, Roam Saver, and Roam Lite. No additional registrations required!

Who are qualified for Globe TravelCare?

Globe TravelCare is available to Globe Postpaid roamers travelling from the Philippines who are at least two (2) weeks old but not more than seventy-five (75) years old on the Effective Date of coverage.

Can I be covered under Globe TravelCare if I am not a resident of the Philippines?

Yes! As long as you are a Globe postpaid customer traveling from the Philippines, you can enjoy the FREE travel insurance.

If I am traveling for more than 30 days, which travel insurance can I avail of?

Globe TravelCare provides coverage for a maximum period of 30 consecutive days per trip.

For information on how to purchase coverage for the rest of your trip beyond the first 30 consecutive days, please call the ACE Customer Care Hotline at (+632) 849-6000.

When does my Globe TravelCare travel insurance cover begin and end?

All Globe TravelCare benefits, except trip cancellation, begin:

a. two (2) hours before the scheduled flight departure time for the insured who registers for the roaming plan before the Scheduled Departure Date; or

b. upon the insured's receipt of the confirmation of registration from Globe for insured who registers for the roaming plan when already at the travel destination; or

c. upon the insured's receipt of the confirmation of activation of roaming service from Globe for insured who activates the roaming service upon arrival at the travel destination

Please bear in mind that this insurance is only effective if the insured activated the insurance before becoming aware of any circumstances which may lead to a travel insurance claim.

For Trip Cancellation, the benefit takes effect upon the insured's registration for the roaming plan before the Scheduled Departure Date.

All benefits, except Trip Cancellation, end on whichever of the following occurs first:

a. upon the insured's 100% usage of the consumable roaming plan amount;
b. upon reaching the maximum days of roaming plan effectivity;
c. two (2) hours after the scheduled flight arrival time in the Philippines;
d. the Insured's return to his/her place of residence or employment.

What if I have two phones and I registered both? Can it cover me and a two-week old baby that I brought with me to the trip?

The free coverage will be given to the Globe customer on record who satisfies the age eligibility (not more than 75 years old per Group Policy condition) and who registered for the Globe Roaming Plan / Promo or to the Unlimited Internet / Data service.

Also, per the Group Policy (Standard "General Provisions" for Travel Insurance) - "The Insured can only be covered under one such policy for the same Trip."

The coverage for this insurance says 30 days. Does that mean that if I travel for a duration of 31 days, the 31st day will no longer be covered?

Yes. The coverage is for a maximum of 30 consecutive days only for a trip.

Do I have to pay an excess / participation if I make a claim?

No. With Globe TravelCare you do not have to pay any excess / participation. We will pay the full benefit amount up to the sum insured indicated, unlike other Travel Insurance Plans.

When should I inform ACE Insurance of my claim?

As soon as reasonably possible (and no later than 30 days after the date of incident giving rise to the claim), you should complete the claim form and submit a claim notification to ACE Insurance.

Usually, how long does it take to process my claim?

ACE Insurance always strives to process claims as quickly as possible. To avoid delay and to ensure your claim is handled efficiently, please complete the claim form in full and submit all required proof of loss documentation. 

ACE Insurance will process your claims within 5 to 10 working days following the receipt of all claims requirements.

What do I do in the event of a Claim?

Here are the things that you must do:

  • For claims, please advise ACE Insurance within 30 days of the incident giving rise to a claim.
  • You must submit all supporting documentation and proof of loss.
  • For Travel or Baggage delays, a document must be obtained from airline representative or the carrier’s representative involved confirming the flight number, delay period and the reason for the delay
  • Immediately (within 24 hours) report any checked-in baggage loss, damage or theft to the airline or the carrier involved and submit a claim to them. In some instances they may be responsible for damage and/or loss. Please also obtain a loss/damage Baggage Report from the airline representative.
  • Report any other baggage loss or damage to the local authority/police and retain the police report for your records to submit with claim form.
  • All losses under Travel Documents must be reported to local authorities and written acknowledgment obtained.

How do I file my claim?

To avoid delay and to ensure your claims are handled efficiently:

  • All claims need to be submitted to us within 30 days of the date of incident giving rise to a claim.
  • Download the claim form and follow the simple and detailed instructions for the benefit you would like to claim against.
  • Collect and attach your proof of loss documentation.
  • Email the completed claim form and proof of loss documentation to [email protected]
  • ACE Insurance will process your claims within 5 to 10 working days following the receipt of all claims requirements.
  • For questions about your claim, please contact ACE Insurance via email at [email protected] or by calling the ACE Customer Care Hotline at (+632) 849-6000.

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