Roam Surf Data and App Packs (Postpaid)

What are these new Roam Surf offers from Globe?

Now, you can enjoy more ways to stay connected when roaming with Globe. The new Roam Surf offers let you use just enough data for the moments that matter.

VariantValidityDescriptionData AllowanceRegistration
Registration Fee
Roam Surf 199
All-day or 24 hours
Subscription- based data pack good for all-day use80MB

Via text: ROAM SURF 199 ON to 2884 

Via *143#: 5 - Choose Roaming & Int'l. > 1 - Roaming > 3 - Data Promos > 2 - Roam Surf (Bite-sized) > 1 - Roam Surf 199

Roam Surf 149
All-day or 24 hours
Subscription- based data pack good for all-day use50MB

Via text: ROAM SURF 149 ON to 2884 

Via *143#: 5 - Choose Roaming & Int'l. > 1 - Roaming > 3 - Data Promos > 2 - Roam Surf (Bite-sized) > 2 - Roam Surf 149

Roam Facebook 299
All-day or 24 hours
Subscription- based app pack for access to Facebook and FB Messenger

Via text: ROAM FACEBOOK 299 ON to 2884 

Via *143#: 5 - Choose Roaming & Int'l. > 1 - Roaming > 3 - Data Promos > 3 - Roam Surf (App only) > 1 - Roam Facebook 299

Roam Viber 199
All-day or 24 hours
Subscription- based app pack for access to Viber

Via text: ROAM VIBER 199 ON to 2884 

Via *143#: 5 - Choose Roaming & Int'l. > 1 - Roaming > 3 - Data Promos > 3 - Roam Surf (App only) > 2 - Roam Viber 299


These new offers are available in over 120 countries worldwide where Roam Surf is offered. Roam Surf 599 or the unlimited data surfing for a flat rate of P599/24 hours, is still available.

What plans are covered by this service?

All Consumer Globe Postpaid Plans can subscribe to these offers.

In which countries can I use these new Roam Surf offers?

These Roam Surf offers are available in over 120 countries where Roam Surf is available.

Do I need to register for the new offers?

Yes, there's a need to register with these products. You can register to any of the new Roam Surf offers while in the Philippines or when abroad.

a. To register via text, just text the registration syntax to 2884. If you register via text abroad, roaming rates apply.
b. You may also register via our self-service channel by dialing *143#, choose 5- Roaming & Int'l. > 1- Roaming > 3- Data Promos > then choose whether Roam Surf (App only) or Roam Surf (Bite-sized). Registration via *143# abroad is toll-free.

It's only with Roam Surf 599 that you don't need to register at all as it will take effect as soon as you turn on mobile data/data roaming and start surfing on any of the specified operators.

That's cool! But how do I know that the data promo is already effective once I do data roaming?

You'll receive the following:

A. Notification upon your first data usage to signify the start of the 24-hour duration.
B. You'll also receive pre-expiry notifications before the end of your Roam Surf validity.
C. Lastly, you'll receive a final notification that your 24 hours of validity has ended or if your data allowance has been used up.

If you wish to continue data roaming prior to expiry, simply click on the links provided in the pre-expiry notifications. You have the option to renew, opt out or switch to P599 depending on your subscription. For more info, you may also check

Can I opt out of this rate?

If you don't want any data charges, it's recommended that you keep your mobile data/data roaming turned off during the trip.

Once you subscribe to the Roam Surf data packs, you may wait for your subscription to expire or increase your data usage to use up your allowance. Opting out or deactivating the subscription is not possible.

Once you subscribe to Roam All-day app offers, you may instantly opt out by texting the deactivation keywords to 2884 or click the link in the pre-expiry notification to stop the auto-renewal of your subscription.

To deactivate from the Roam Surf App packs, you may follow these opt-out keywords:

Postpaid Keyword
Access number
ROAM FACEBOOK 299 OFFTo unsubscribe or opt-out
To unsubscribe or opt-out

For other countries not covered by these Roam Surf offers, the default zonal data rate will apply. If you wish to opt out, please keep your mobile data/data roaming turned off for the duration of your trip.

Will these Roam Surf offers be charged within or on top of my consumables?

Like other roaming services, the new Roam Surf offers are charged on top of your consumables, except for selected Platinum plans with consumable roaming.

Once your roaming consumables have been used up, these new Roam Surf offers will be charged on top of your bill.

I get it now. But what happens if I travel to two countries with this service within 24 hours?

Roam Surf offers are charged per country.
Example: If you use mobile surfing in two countries where the service is available, like Singapore and Malaysia, you'll be charged the respective amount for each roaming partner. If you return to the original country within the validity period of your subscription, you won't be charged again for mobile surfing during this period.

Just remember that any usage outside of the specified operators/roaming partners of Roam Surf will be charged the corresponding zonal rate for mobile surfing:

A. P3/10KB in Zone 1: America and Asia and the Pacific
B. P5/10KB in Zone 2:Europe and Africa

Will there be any restrictions on my browsing if I use Roam Surf?

Our Roam Surf offers allow you to enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite apps or enjoy a complete digital experience even while abroad! Your internet access is not limited to just liking and sharing, you can also enjoy music, video streaming and even file sharing as long as your offer is still valid.

However, if you opt in to an app-based offer, your usage will be restricted to the chosen app. You can supplement your Roam Viber with Roam Facebook, if you wish to. (If you received the confirmation message for your app registration, the promo will automatically kick in once you turn on your data roaming upon arrival at your destination country. You will not be charged for Roam Surf 599.)

When will my subscription expire if I subscribe to the new Roam Surf offers?

With Roam Surf App Packs, your subscription will expire 24 hours after you receive the confirmation message. That means if you turn on your mobile data at 9:00 p.m., your subscription will end at 9:00 p.m. the following day. No need to worry about your subscription ending at 12 midnight of the same day. You may also opt-out or terminate your subscription if you wish to upgrade your Roam Surf offer.

With Roam Surf data packs, your subscription will expire once you've consumed your data allocation or after 24 hours.

What happens when my Roam Surf subscription expires?

With Roam Surf App packs, your subscription is automatically renewed to let you enjoy seamless connection to your favorite apps. You may opt-out of auto-renewal or upgrade to Roam Surf 599 through the links found on your pre-expiry notifications. If you do opt-out of auto-renewal, you must turn off your mobile data/data roaming to avoid being charged for the default 24-hour Roam Surf 599.

With Roam Surf Data packs, you have the option to upgrade to Roam Surf 599 or renew your existing subscription through the links found on your pre-expiry notifications. If you don't opt-in to P599 or renew your subscription, your mobile data will be blocked for a day.

Can I avail of other promos when I'm subscribed to a Roam Surf offer?

a. Yes. You can avail of Roam Saver, Roam Lite and Roam Unli Call and Text while on Roam Surf offers, both app or data packs.

b. For App packs, you may simultaneously avail of two different subscriptions. The expiry of each subscription will be independent of each other. If you subscribe to the same App pack, it will be treated as an auto-renewal request which is already default for the offer.

c. For Data packs, you may not simultaneously avail of two or more of the same or different subscriptions. Any additional subscription to a Data pack will be treated as a pre-registry which will activate once your current subscription expires.

I want to know more about international roaming! Where can I go to know more?

For further assistance, you may:

A. Dial *143#, choose Roaming & Int'l., and Roaming.
B. Call the Globe roaming hotline (+6327301212, toll-free even while roaming).
C. Send us a message on Twitter at @Talk2GLOBE.
D. Check out the threads on Globe Community at