Roam Surf Offers with Longer Validity

What are these new Roam Surf offers from Globe?

Now, you can stay connected for longer when you travel abroad with these longer-validity Roam Surf offers! With these new offers, you can now enjoy discounted data roaming for extended periods while traveling, for as low as P300/day compared to the default daily rate of P599/day.

The new Roam Surf offers are the following:

Registration Channel
Roam Surf 1499
3 days or 72 hours
Roam Surf 2299
5 days or 120 hours
Roam Surf 2999
7 days or 168 hours
Roam Surf 4999
15 days or 360 hours
Roam Surf 899930 days or 720 hoursP8,999*143#

What plans are covered by this service?

All Globe Postpaid plan customers can subscribe to these offers.

Cool! Where can I use Roam Surf with extended validity?

Effective August 3, 2018 - Roam Surf with Longer Validity is offered in more countries below:

Partner Operator
South Korea
SK Telecom
United States of America (USA)
China Mobile
IndiaBharti Airtel
Saudi ArabiaAl Jawal (STC)
TaiwanTaiwan Mobile

Make sure you're latched on to the roaming partner to enjoy the promo.

Do I need to register for these new offers?

Yes, you'll need to register to the promo when you're abroad. To register, just dial *143# using your Globe mobile for convenience. After dialing *143#, choose Roaming & Int'l., Roaming Promos, Data Promos, then choose the Roam Surf variant you want. *143# is toll-free abroad.

Registration via text is also available but note that you'll be charged standard roaming rates for text when you register abroad, i.e., P20 in Asia/Americas and P25 for Europe/Africa.

What's the difference between regular Roam Surf and Roam Surf with longer validity?

Roam Surf 599 is the default rate of P599/24 hours for mobile data use in our partner countries, it doesn't require any registration, it kicks in as soon as you turn on your data roaming and begin to use mobile data.

Roam Surf with longer validity is the data roaming offer to use when you're traveling for extended periods; you can choose from 3, 5, 7, 15 and 30-day variants. The rate for each offer is discounted as compared to the daily rate of P599/24 hours and availability is limited to several countries for now.

Wait, how do I know that the promo has already taken effect once I use data roaming?

You'll receive a notification upon your irst data usage to signify the beginning of the promo duration. You'll also receive pre-expiry notifications before the end of your Roam Surf validity. Lastly, you'll receive a final notification that your promo is already expired.

After you've used up your extended Roam Surf promo, if you keep your data roaming on without registering to the same or to a different promo, the default rate of P599/24 hours will take effect without the need to register. For more info, check

Will these longer-validity Roam Surf offers be charged within or on top of my consumables?

Like other roaming promos, these new Roam Surf offers are charged on top of consumables.

What happens if I travel to two countries with this service within the promo validity period?

These longer-validity Roam Surf offers are charged per country.
Example: If you use mobile surfing in two countries where the service is available, such as Singapore and Malaysia, you'll be charged the respective amount for each roaming partner. If you return to the original country within the validity period of your subscription, you won't be charged again for mobile surfing during this period.

Just remember that any usage outside of the specified operators/roaming partners of Roam Surf will be charged the corresponding zonal rate for mobile surfing:

A. P3/10KB in Zone 1: America and Asia and the Pacific

B. P5/10KB in Zone 2:Europe and Africa

Will there be any restrictions on my browsing if I use Roam Surf?

Subscription to these offers with longer validity allow you to enjoy unrestricted access to your favorite apps or enjoy a complete digital experience even while abroad! Your internet access is not limited to just liking and sharing, you can also enjoy music, video streaming and even file sharing as long as your offer is still valid. However, if you opt in to other app-based data offers such as Roam Viber 199 or Roam Facebook 299, you usage will be restricted to the chosen app.

Can I avail of other promos when I'm subscribed to a Roam Surf offer?

No, you can't since your registration already gives you unrestricted access to data during the promo validity period. You also can't stack two Roam Surf longer-validity offers on top of the other.

Why can't I register to a Roam Surf promo with longer validity?

Check if your data roaming/mobile data is on. If it is, chances are you're on Roam Surf 599.

As soon as mobile data/data roaming are turned on and you start surfing on any of the preferred operators, Roam Surf 599 kicks in as it doesn't require registration.

Once you're on Roam Surf 599, you won't be able to register to a Roam Surf promo with longer validity.