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Prepaid Roam Surf Plus - Globe Help & Support

Prepaid Roam Surf Plus

What is Prepaid Roam Surf Plus and how do I register?

Prepaid Roam Surf Plus gives you 60 minutes for calls and 60 texts for only P200, valid for 24 hours. Please note that Roam Surf Plus may only be availed if you have an active Prepaid Roam Surf 399 promo.

In which countries can I use this service?

You may check out our list of partner networks per country here.

Do I need to register to enjoy the voice and text promo?

After registering to Roam Surf 399, text ROAMSURFPLUS to 8080. Registration to promos while roaming is now free of charge.

The promo can only be used one at a time, and you can only register to Roam Surf Plus twice while on an active Roam Surf 399 promo.

How do I know that the promo is ready for use?

You'll receive a notification via text confirming your registration.

How many times can I register to the free promo?

You can only register to Roam Surf Plus twice as long as you have an active Roam Surf 399 promo.

When will my 24-hour Roam Surf Plus expire?

Your 24-hour promo validity period starts upon successful registration to the promo, and is independent of the expiry/validity of your Roam Surf 399 promo.

For example, if you register to Roam Surf 399 on April 1 at 10 AM, you have until 9:59 AM of April 2 to register to Roam Surf Plus.

What happens if my Roam Surf Plus promo has not yet expired but my Roam Surf 399 data has already reached 24 hours?

That's okay! Roam Surf Plus has its own expiration period. Once you renew your Roam Surf 399 promo, you are eligible to claim your Roam Surf Plus again. However, you have to wait for your existing Roam Surf Plus promo to expire before you can expire again.

Registration DateExpiration Date
1st registration: Roam Surf 399April 1, 10:00PMApril 2, 9:59 PM
1st registration: Roam Surf PlusApril 1, 11:00PMApril 2, 10:59PM
2nd registration: Roam Surf 399April 2, 10:00PMApril 3, 9:59PM
2nd registration: Roam Surf PlusYou can register again starting April 2, 11:00PM.

Can I avail of other call and text promos when I am on Roam Surf Plus?

For Prepaid, you can no longer register to Roam Super Saver if you have an active Roam Surf Plus promo.

Can I register to Roam Surf Plus if I am subscribed to a Roam Surf (Longer Stay) or Roam Surf (App or Bite-sized) offer?

No, you're only eligible to register to Roam Surf Plus if you have an active Roam Surf 399 promo. Other data roaming promos are not included.

What happens once my Roam Surf Plus offer expires?

If you keep using call and text services after your promo is used up or has expired, standard roaming rates or call and text promo rates (if applicable) will apply.